Sleeping with two girls, one on each side.

One for each nipple, each big ball! Hehe.

I believe I wrote about this a few days ago …

But looking at the dhoban and her daughter (the latest email on the other site) – my. I was reminded of when I do this , literally a “sandwich” between Mother and daughter.

Or, perhaps the lovely Bhagwati and another woman, Bhagwati always dominant as always.

Its so nice to wake up in the middle of the night and see two girls there for me to have their way with. As an SO once told me “tange khol ke le lo”.

Just spread my legs and take me anytime,!

I often did.

In Serving Ann, I wrote about how Madam Ann hated her last boyfriend because “he wanted too much sex”.

Only for health, boy!

She finally left him because he did what my own SO at the time begged me to do. Hehe.

That shows you the quality of man in both cases.

A true leader, as Paula rightly said. An alpha at the very top of the pack and I must admit, looking down upon y’all – life’s good!


Sin city Diaries doesn’t, as YET – have tales of me with two women. Cuckold Compilations, I believe so. Not sure tho. Hehe.

But the Bhagwati Devi Sex Files Subscription, already an immensely popular “offering” around here sure does, my friend. Some of the most sizzling hot sex stories you’ll ever read, even more so than the regular erotica and manuals I write..

You sex addicts and freaks will want to subscribe to this NOW. Don’t miss out!

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – An idiot on YouTube messaged me about being “friends”! Then it was about “make me your slave”.

I was like, get to it bitch.

But tribute first!

That’s the part so many people miss.

Tributes show you are truly serious and invested in the lifestyle, and thats the only sort of sub I want, that truly CRAVES their entire life, finances, everything being owned by their Lord and Master. Perfect Master!

And believe me it’s a rush like no other. An addiction that’s actually damn GOOD for you – with the right owner ie me – and one you’ll never be able to quit, literally. Hehe.

Arguing is futile.

Just do what I say without question.

Of course you will. You dont have a choice. Hehe. And so it should be. And IS, bitch boy!

And that’s that.

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