Playing tugga …

Last night, I dreamt of a lovely dark skinned lady, rather like one of the dhobans I so love! Long black hair,  vixen like – the bulge in my pants grew and she noticed. Tugging me along by it.

How much, I gasped.


I woke up, slept again. In my dream I was cumming – a bit – and blobs of cum were hanging off my penis.

Not in real life though as so often happens during these dreams.

Often times, the same dhoban, while looking at me with her big naughty, knowing, INQUISITIVE eyes – so sexy! – while sucking my dick – will tug my balls as I’ve taught her. Or, a sub will while licking my ass. My!

Usually a male sub. Dominating men is the ultimate rush when I’m with a couple of women that love it too!

Licking my balls, perennial region, all of it. As a friend once told me “I need my perennial region licked”.

Aah … Just sexy!

Tugging a man’s balls even if they’re tight and pulled in increases the ferocity and pleasure of the orgasm.

Squeezing the right spot beneath them aids greatly in ruining them. Remember, you’ll want to press the RIGHT spot. You dont want to – or maybe you do – BUST those full eggs. Hehe.

While translating 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! And have him salivating for MORE! – the lovely Dani asked me what I was referring to by playing tugga in the book.

I explained.

It’s great having folks that love my work – use it in their daily lives. That’s what this is all about!

Have fun …


Mike Watson

PS – Told a male sub yesterday he could lick my balls, under them. Be sure to suck each one well carefully, boy. They’re special! I need to relax. Just shut up and do it.

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