Telephone pole dicks, cucks, slobbers, and more!

Well well well!

I was making green tea for Madam and myself in the gym.

And for whatever reason, I felt the reason to practice my boxing jabs right there and then!

(Yes, as I say in Cuck Central and damn near all my books, the most outwardly virile and alpha of males? You just never know … BOY! Or bro, hehe).

(We all have two sides, or many. Shades of Grey hits the spot – just right! Pity more people dont get it …)

(And cucks have two holes too, hehe).

But anyway, there I was.

Waiting for the tea to percolate (I use a coffee maker to make it – dont ask, hehe).

And I was weaving, bobbing, ducking. Chin tucked in. And so forth.

Jabbing away …

.. .and the song came to mind.

“Big dicks, slobbing on them telephone poles”. . .

I think it was a Juvenile rap song from back in the day. I dont know!

But I think this all started (for today) when a friend sent me a picture of his nephew and curiously enough, his dick was poking out in a strange way through his pants (and believe me, the picture was NOT erotic in any sense of the word, and the guy NOT a stud, or cuck, or whatever – normal picture!).

(and normal size wiener too, hehe).

But anyway, back to it.

I thought of the following.

Doing a number on his balls.

Dialing a number on my sissy balls, or doing a number on his STUD balls!

It can be used SO well as a tease! For you cucks and sissies out there, ask Madam to try it with her fingernails!

(Thats one way I did NOT include int he initial book on ruined orgasms and sissygasms, but you can bet your bottom dollar, or dollop of SEMEN, that it WILL be there in edition #2!!).

And for a stud, of course, it’s more gentle touches!

And cucks could hold the pole up and talk to Madam sneering down at them! And of course, Master would be standing there with hands on hips laughing away, looking down sneeringly as well.

Thats somethign I never did with Master Jerome and Madam Su (or is the other way around, hehe).

But I did slobber on his pole a lot!

So much so that I can FEEL the satiny smooth skin right now, the SMELL of his balls. His musk! And of course that beautiful puckered up ROSE BUD of his, black skin on the outside, dark inside …

Anyway, the best thing to do for a stud, sissies is TUG his balls genetly after all the cock loving you’ve given him.

And perhaps finger him too anally.

AFTER you’ve gone to “town” on Master, of course, and after Mistress has!

And the loads he will BLAST will beggar belief!

Anyway, thats mentioned in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots I believe, which any real cock lover MUST pick up now.

And last, but not least.

That lady in Sin City Diaries that “jerked” her head back when I came, so that nasty goo didnt splatter on her face (the same lady who furiously tugged her hands away when I tried guiding them to my cuck dick!).

She probably thought it would turn me off.

Did the opposite!

She had me “pegged” right, hehe, and thats just one reason YOU need to pick up the compilation as well – ANY real femdom lover will LOVE these ladies, and what they do to you as a cuck or sissy!

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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