Need vs WANT

It’s an interesting one!

We need things and we naturally get them.

Yet, it’s those things we WANT deep down inside that we don’t just get. We manifest against all odds.

The hidden desires I speak of so often fall into the “want” category most would say.

Or do they?

I’d say need – and want, both!

You NEED it like you need to breathe. You know that, boy! You’re never satisfied without it.

Most Doms and Dominas use the term “want” while dominating. Nothing wrong with that at all. Master wants, therefore. Simple ….

Yet, as always, we here at the Creme La Creme of Fetish do things with a different flourish.

This morning I used the term “I need you to do the following -” to a potential Sissy.

And footboy.

And I then spelled it out to him.

It seemed more nature, even more dominant since it’s understated.

Like a Boss would tell his underlings. Or, a benevolent Emperor Mike would command!

Want sounds great, more urgent but need has the undertone of it’ll be done regardless. Hehe.

“I need you to…”

“I want you to…”

See if you can spot the very subtle, therefore sexier – difference!

It’s the iron hand that counts. The velvet glove though is the delectable icing!

And we incorporate both to great advantage.

These, and other findom tips that you’ve never seen elsewhere will be in the upcoming manual on it, which you’ll want to place your pre order for NOW. True gold in dem dar hills as they say!

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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