When his juicy lovely thick penis pops out…

Yet another one of those lovely cuck fantasies, but wait a minute!

As I’ve stated SO often in Cuck Central – and proved in Cuckold Compilations – those fantasies CAN become reality if you start with what is mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” and then go from there.

But anyway, that aside.

Trip down memory lane –

I often remember Jerome and Madam Su – or Master Jerome, as I later started calling him – not because he was into findom or anything, but he was SO sexy muah! and SO dominating … naturally, the two of them were, and one of the  best memories, of course, was his dick plopping out of his pants, hitting me square on the TIP of the nose!

The thing was so heavy, smelt so good – but his ass crack, that sweaty ASSHOLE, all of it, so ripe, so NICE, all of it smelt so good, the smell of SWEAT on his lovely balls … so full always… all of it!

But the other memory, often times they’d have hot sex, and he of course had no problems staying hard (I didnt either watching, hehe) – and his lovely long black dong would plop out!

Now, that happens!

Sometimes it just gets too slippery!

But I remember his dick, still hard and pointing up, up UP after it popped out – NO help required *unlike with cuck dick, hehe* …

And he’d put it back in – but I’d whimper. I’d beg, I’d moan, I’d say anything, but I’d look at Madam beseechingly…

Initially, even though she’s by far the most perfect cuckoldress I’ve ever met, been priveleged enough to be near, let alone serve – she didnt understand.

Then she did

“OK, you want to put it in”. 

“I KNOW!” she finally smirked one day. 

And she grabbed me by the back of the head as soon as it popped out, got me sucking as he moaned, and then I used my mouth and tongue to guide it in again!

I was NOT allowed to touch that lovely penis of his with my hands, not once – at that point my hands weren’t manicured enough as they are now.

NOW, with them soft and purdy (not really, hehe) – she – and he would love it!

But then, it was all mouth, and my asshole too as a receptacle, and I so loved it!

Putting his dong in – such a pleasure, much like cleaning up after them, so they dont need to do it!

Or pressing their feet all night, and serving them breakfast in bed…

Anyway, you cuckolds should be very families with cocks popping out – a lot of pindicks even hard always pop out. Hehe.

Not to mention, even those of you cucks with normal sized or close to it can never really stay hard – isn’t it humiliating pretending to have sexy (as the Chinese say, hehe “sexy”) with Madam when she really wants it, you dont, yet you try to do it, you try to stay hard, it keeps getting soft and popping out unless there is femdom or DICK involved…

SO humiliating.


You cucks must be well aware of it!

So are studs, and the lovely ladies they so serve and service, so it should be…

Madam Ashley too. Hehe.

Anyway – I saw a video today – a lovely cock popping out.

And then Madam rubs a mixture of her own juices and his cum back on that STILL hard dong…


And so I had to write this to you …

Trust me, get my stuff, and you’ll be attracting things like this to you without even trying, thinking, auto pilot almost, and those that have got my books and products can and have ATTESTED to this.

So will those who haven’t taken action as yet – when and as soon as they do.

And thats that.

Back soon!



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