Is his cum tasty?

So, as I was writing the last piece (actually after I got done), I ate some fruit.

My first meal of the day, hehe.

At 515 PM no less . . . or 5, I should say. It was a bowl of papaya.

Apparently my S.O. didn’t want it, so she gave me the entire fruit.

And as I stared at and ate the colorful fruit, this thought popped into my mind.

What if Master’s unloaded his juicy cum on it?

What if his jizz BUBBLED on the fruit?

What would be tastier? His cum, or the fruit, cum soaked fruit, or . . . ?

And the sheer visual of that lovely COCK surrounded by pale yellow fruit . . . one of the most beautiful and sexy things for a cuck!

After Madam Michelle’s feet, of course, which I (or whom I I should say) referred to in the LAST email!

After the BOTTOM of her feet.

Her sitting in the back of the car with her man. Her boyfriend. Her stud!

And her middle finger, and preferably and hopefully Madam Jiji’s too!!

And indeed, I can remember the taste of the cum as well from the cocks I’ve sucked – -or being made to suck!

I wrote about remembering each cock I sucked (or was made to!;)) in vivid detail, and cock juice is NO exception to that rule my friend.

I still remember the salty tasty cum of Master Jerome, for instance. He drank a lot of beer, as did Madam Su’s boyfriends!

I still remember the sweet taste of the lovely WHITE cock I sucked. My friend’s. He hadn’t had much beer at all, and a very light lunch prior to that . . .

And I still remember the musk of the balls, and that lovely puckered asshole, just inviting me to worship it as I thought about it being the sewer of his body . . .

The shit coming out of the hole, and while I’m not a scat fan,you know what I mean!

It’s the asshole that counts! BOY!

And his cock HEAD, boy! And the piss spurting out of it as he laughs at you, literally doubled up in laughter!

And back to cum.

His tasty cum.

I’d varnish my food with any day, Madam – – and Sir – – and if there ever was a true test of a CUCK, this is it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Another true test of a cuck is if you can do all that is required in the ONE definitive course out there on cuckoldry (and how to turn into the PERFECT CUCK FOR HER) –

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