Humiliation CENTRAL!

Dear Reader,

Not so long ago (well, so it seems – but it was a few years ago!) I finished climbing a hill in Southern China with Madam Carol – – her of the lovely, soft feet I referred to in a previous email.

After the climb, she was going to drop me off back home, and so we were walking back to her car.

Now, on the way back there were two cars parked right next to each other, and we had to pass between the two cars.

That was a time in my life when I had let my normal high standards of fitness slip somewhat – and this led to a giggle or two from Carol.

“Mike, can you pass between those two cars?”

And then she looked at my T-shirt, soaked with sweat after what is now a ridiculously easy climb for me – and my belly, still “heaving with each breath”, and she let out a few more giggles.

“Can that … pass between the cars”, she giggled away as I looked at her, embarrassed.

I was a bit overweight yes, but nothing like what she was insinuating!

It was a joke, of course, but it was that cute “girlish” type of giggle that really did it for me with her – that gay, girly style giggle that clearly gives off the “I’m giggling at you because you’re funny” vibe – -and she was enjoying it too!

This same giggle was something I’ve heard often – not just from her, but MOST of the Chinese ladies I’ve been with or spoken to.

Madam Susan, who appears I believe in the Madam Carrie series, an older lady of around 40 and a senior headhunter did it as well as anyone else when I told her this.

“We are friends, but you’re always superior to me, Madam Susan …” (this without any reference to femdom at that point – – it just came out that way!).

Tee hee! The giggle emanated, and of course, a hard on sprouted as well – big time – and the giggle was followed by a “contented, joyous” emoticon on Wechat (that being the “tool” we were using to communicate at that time).

Even longer ago, I remember this girlish giggle very well when I was visiting a (lets just say!) a lady of the night – and she was standing there with two of her colleagues!

And I still remember her giggling galore at me as she sized up with those lovely, piercing Chinese eyes of hers …

I don’t know why, but a woman giggling in that manner really does it for me!

I don’t know if it’s my love of humiliation – and humiliating scenarios in general, but nothing does it better for me than a woman that is genuinely giggling at me … and poking fun at me — or even better, getting a kick out of being served by a true inferior!

Anyway, these were some random thoughts passing through my mind  as it were.

And if you’re into humiliation, my friend – I’ve got good news. I just finished putting together a “monster” how to in terms of  humiliation – which has something for everyone, so to speak.

My latest manual “25 ways to completely humiliate him … and have him groveling for MORE!” is certainly NOT as anywhere near as “innocent” as the giggly scenarios mentioned above. If anything, it’s just the opposite.

There’s 25 cracking tips in there that’ll give you (if you’re a lady) enough to dominate / humiliate your man for a LIFETIME – the likes of which have never been done to him before – and if you’re a guy – well, lets just say BEWARE of what you think of – and feel – as you read this little cracker of a manual – you might just get it!

Heck, it was so intense that I just got done – – and I feel emotionally drained if just by dint of the sheer input that was put into this — and the sheer FEELINGS that went into the work.

And I’m not kidding when I tell you that ANY ONE of the tips mentioned therein BY THEMSELVES will put you, the sub, into a headspace that will be hard to recover from hours, if not days after the scene – – or “play” – – is over! 

So if you’re any way, shape or form interested in humiliation – – or being humiliated by the Dominant lady of your dreams (after you find her, of course!) then Humiliation Central is where your train needs to TERMINATE, my friend.

It’s the final terminus. You’ll truly need to go no further once you alight at this terminus – – because there is enough in there to keep you busy for a LIFETIME!

Alight now, and be prepared to take the ride of your  life – –


Mike Watson

P.S. – And if you haven’t yet found the right lady to dominate you – – well, we’ve got you covered there as well with “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – – which is a manual that’ll work just as well with ladies of any culture/nationality. This has been flying off the shelves as of late too – – take a look right here – –

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