On a rainy day in India .

On a rainy day in India, watching an Indian Madam walk outdoors when it eased up a little.. my! Those red painted toes were gleaming so brilliantly!

Madam ja Rahi hai, i thought!

So she was.

Yelling out instructions to her maid.

Whose feet were – toes – were polished just as nicely. Except they weren’t gleaming as much but still as nicely done.

Smart maid. Hehe. If you get what I’m saying. Never try and outdo your superior!

But, you can better him or her, without it being obvious.

So many of these Indian maids do just that.

Much to the understated consternation of their Madams. Hee.


They’ll never admit it to A man. And i wouldn’t want them to. They are both Queens!

Women and their undersated interactions, the looks they give each other, the thoughts transmuting, clear as daylight to me even on a rainy Seattle like GET Carter day…. Hee. So lovely!

So it should be.

Indian maids arouse passion like NONE other.

Any true femdom lovers owes it to themselves to pick up the product dedicated to them here.

And that’s that.

Paye lagu Madam…ji!

You’re so, so NICE! X



PS – As I said before if you’ve paid but the download link isn’t working, contact us. We will get it take care of ASAP. Annoying Billing issue going on..and be patient, your payment is safe!

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