“If is good enough for my feet, its good enough for my face!”

It’s a maxim, perhaps yet another quote of the day I’ve lived by forever, like the last one on my YouTube channel. Came to mind while applying lotion on my soles, the only self care I do to my soft, baby soft, pedicured despite never have gotten one – all customer and other words on my lovely soles, hehe – and while creating that last video of the ONE blemish on my soles that so turns you footboys on,like the ONE glimpse… That drives you insane for literally DAYS.


I know the feeling!

And really,more of you need to be doing that for me

I apply this maxim to her feet, ass crack as well. And my own. After a shower,I use the same hand to lube myself,abd lotion my face. So it should be

No, not dirty if you practice proper hygiene.

And I do.

I’m.a good boy as Madam once said.

Not for me dingleberries or dirty asses. Even though I walk in flip flops all theti.e while folks think ruins soles,my soles are this way…


Get sending NOW. Cashapp is wide and open boya and girls – $spicyanderotic

Oh, coupla idiots unsubscribed yesterday because of the “die bitch die” video I did,like I was crushing bugs under soles which I often do …

…not because it didn’t turn them on

It did

Big time!

What pissed them off was my revelation, hardly a secret,that that’s how i feel about cheapskates that just want to “chat for free” or “be friends for free”. Ugh. What leeches!

And if any of you on that list is that, please leave NOW. Thank you! If you ain’t never got any intentions of purchasing products, investing in pre orders etc, this ain’t the place for you.

Like a customer told me three days ago, if they don’t instinctively see the value in  what you’re offered and think it’s pure GOLD, then… They’ll just balk at the price and think nothing could be worth that.

Price whiners will do so even if it is $1. They’ll ask why it ain’t $0.5.


Sad, pathetic but fucking true…

Last – not least?

Remember to invest in our findom curse here.

And that’s that. Oops, course



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