She was apparently, and i had no idea she was, a highly popular supermodel back in the day. Likely y’all don’t either.

A guy that I thought was trolling me – which he sorta was, hehe – called me that last year.

On a fitness biz.

“Learning from someone who looks like Twiggy…”

Admittedly he’s not the culprit here – I started the banter. Hehe. By callin him out on his fat waist – excess fat etc (all facts which hit home) but he’s also big and strong,so he was saying it from tha perspective.

Not that yours truly steel and whalebone isn’t strong.

And we all know the type of bodies most men and women prefer, covet… Hehe. Not just because of this which is another FACT!

Those hurt don’t they.



They sure showl do…

But anyway, it’s interesting, the crossover between this and the other Miss V owned fitness businesses which I Run, she owns it. So it should be!

Thank you, Miss X – your beauty salon was lovely!

And while i have been thinking about openly meshing the two – trust me, lots there would secretly live – love – both – what’s HERE – and vice versa,I haven’t.

I let it take its own natural path.

Which these days the Universe is giving me more and more options to do so!

More on that later.

But,you can see Twiggys lovely legs and calves on YouTube NOW.

Once you do?

Get sending NOW.

And that’s that ,x


Mike Watson off to trim her eyebrows, or use a razor to do a manly between brow trim…hehe.

It isn’t surprising tho. I’ve been called a model, movie star, very handsome, everything under the sun to tha extent so even the trolls know it. Hehe. I didn’t tho! Until he told me, lol.

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