Ah, the lovely Miss Chen!

Boy what a day its been thus far, started off so perfectly with the dream of pressing the older ladys legs – except every time I tried, I kept getting interrupted!

I dont know if it’s my older Indian landlady’s thoughts, or if  its the wonderfully understated yet DOMINANT Madam Carla’s voice which projects the older lady vibe into “Serving Ann” (soon on audible) SO WELL – MY! I heard your narrations TWICE, Madam! Ditto for all the other lovely ladies and guys narrating for us, be on the outlook for something very spectacular on Audible soon!

But first off, thanks to those of you that have gotten back saying you want to remain on the list – much appreciated! Do send in your mobile numbers as well if you so choose and use mobile phones (lots of you dont) – we’re going to do SMS updates etc very soon as well, so that might be something to consider (all free for you!).

Same to those of you that got back honestly saying “no”. Honest feedback is what we want, being a bump on a log “in torpor” is NOT what life is about, not what we want to attract, and be around, and neither should YOU! (if you’re a doer that is).

Anyway – as my SO mulls about firing my girlfriend, I kept thinking about two thing.

One, how women can’t stand each other. Hehe. And two, how these same women say “women are each others worst enemies”, yet do the same thing to other women…

.. in this case, my lovely Indian maid I’ve written tomes about and deservedly so, one my wife hired – and who she now snarkily calls my girlfriend as I’ve mentioned in past emails. Hehe.

She’ll never admit it, but as the maid herself never will (she got catty about the wife hiring someone else for something else – another task) women HATE other women on their turf – real or percieved – with a burning passion that they OBSESS about that does NOT go away!

There is a LOT we can learn from women in this regard, including what Claude Bristol wrote about in his great book (the best by far) “The Magic of Believing” (all of you here must read it, NO, I get nothing for mentioning it either!!)  … about women obsessing about their goals, those that really matter so much that they never fail to achieve them (the subconscious mind is well and truly activated, once that happens, nothing can stop you).

What this means for me – and has all my life – well, you decide! Proof in front of you – Hehe.

But I so want to kiss her feet one last time before that happens, pamper those cracked soles as I hear Carla’s voice perk up when she talks about me pampering Ann’s soles! PAMPER! That passion – heart felt – Maam puts into the words!

Bhagwati devi, you’re SUCH A QUEEN AND GODDESS, Ma’am, PAYE LAGU, I’d kiss each toe a 100 TIMES!! MY!

On that note – Meeting Ms Chen is a book that has been steadily climbing the charts!

Lots of great reviews, lots of sales, and my friend, if you haven’t gotten it as yet and are still on this list, you must grab it now – you will enjoy it !

I still remember the lady, an older lady there every afternoon selling honey with her husband as I climbed the hill, I still remember the way she BELLOWED at me “you foreigner”, come here – in public!

“Lao Wai!” 

She probably didnt mean it rudely, but it came across as such.

Yet, I said nothing. Hehe.

And she knew it! 😉

Anyway – here is a bit of another review –

So far the story has me hooked and I already feel “pity” for poor Amit. As you stated “little does he know” what is coming to him hahaha. I have a doubt regarding one specific term in your story. In some part of the text (when Payal awakes while he is doing the dishes) she refers to him as “Sun”. Is this a specific term they use in India or is it literally a way to refer to him in a lovely manner? Hope to hear back from you soon!

Nicholas Levy Fachena (from South America)


Yours truly and this fits with all the above – –

I dont blame you for being curious about Amit – I would too – I’d give it away, but I wont, because its best you read for yourself, because as Napoelon Hill said in his pathbreaking book “Think and Grow Rich” – it would deprive you of much of the benefit you would get if I told you as opposed to if you discovered it for yourself! Hehe.

Do also leave an Amazon review for the book once you’re done reading it as I requested in my initial email with the links – that would really, really help due to reasons already mentioned my friend.

W.r.t the “Sun…!” the word itself in Hindi means listen, but the way its used is in a very rude way, a rude and somewhat demeanting tone you might use with a servant. The subcontinenthas these interesting ways of referring to “hierarchies” either real or percieved embedded into the language almost – it does, actually – some of it might come across as a bit “jarring” to those of us used to an egalitarian environment, but it works great in terms of fetish and femdom as you can tell! Thanks again my friend  … (Contd) 

Look for another great review on this shortly!


That was a lot to say wasn it? I had to get it off my chest, I have , for now I’m “out” – but you guys get the books above, and get back to me with YOUR reviews (just click the review link you get in your email my friend) – it is much appreciated, all!

Keep writing back with feedback on everything too – much appreciated there as well!

And I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

PS – The system barfed when I Was writing to Nicholas (replying to him) yet, I wrote all that out AGAIN. When you truly have passion, nothing can STOP YOU!!!

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