“You’re Madam … but, am I “Mr”…??”

So, last night after finishing up YET another bout of writing … a long, long bout actually – – and putting a few products out there (Sin City Diaries – Volume #3 being one) I saw a lady while idly browsing through my wechat in a “singles” group.

Now, I do NOT generally frequent social media – – especially NOT groups of the nature mentioned, but for some reason I added this lady.

But I didn’t say hi. I left it at that for whatever reason, and this morning, I saw her add me back – and message me.

“Hello, Mr. Mike!” was her message”. “Nice meeting you…”

And my response, a few hours later, after finishing yet more writing was this …

“Madam Jojo … .nice to meet you too! But are you sure I’m Mr.?”

Now, I’ve spoken about mainland china being a veritable MECCA for true femdom lovers, and I’ve spoken about that one city – SHANGHAI as well – being EVEN more of a Mecca for true femdom lovers.

If mainland China is 100% femdom, Shanghai is 500% and then some. Guess where Madam Pearl lived, for starters! Hehe …

And as I chatted with this lady, it turned out that she works for a company – – a large multi-national – – that I did an internship for way, way back in day.

“It’s a small world, Madam Jojo!” I remarked.

“Indeed it is!”

Turns out this lady had left this compay a couple of years ago, and joined another firm – – and then RETURNED to this firm.

“Oh, because they offered you a higher salary at the next company – – and then THIS one lured you back with an even higher offer? “

She responded with a “facepalm” comment.


And so alluring is the look in her eye that I just noticed – online, of course – – that I now KNOW why I added her.

A subconscious, “snap” decision – – one I’ve been known to make – – and a trait that MOST successful people have – – at ANYTHING – – which is to make decisions QUICKLY – – and trust the gut – – and change those decisions later!

Henry Ford for one was known to be famously “obstinate” because he made decisions quickly and was notoriously slow to change ‘em … and this, ultimately was a good thing. Certainly better than deliberating and vacillating for hours, and never being sure about what one wants.

Just do it, as they say.

And femdom is no different, my friend.

Anyway, so I replied to her.

“You’re Madam Jojo. Of course you made the right decision! Madam is very smart! But me … am I really “Mr””?”

And then, of course, in a less “femdom-flippant” (does that make sense??) tone – – “That is what everyone would have done. Smart lady!

And then, there was a pregnant pause.

“So are you?” was her response, and oh boy, I wouldn’t be lying to say that combined with the look in her eye – that response turned me on – big time!

As I’ve said, she never needs to answer any questions – – and I should say she never needs to be direct either. She’s very artfully avoiding the real question – and leaving two doors open.

Am I smart, or am I Mr. Both? Neither?

And at the time of writing this, she has NOT responded, hehe. Or maybe she has – I don’t know. I didn’t check – I was taking a “Cold shower” (metamorphically speaking!).

I’ll be sure and get back to you guys with the “verdict” hehe – – and until then – – you guys can get back to me with YOURS too! Hehe … and on that note, its adios for now. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S – ME?? Mr??? Does a bear crap in the woods?? Well, I don’t know about you – but Princess Joanie for one had MORE than a few words to say about that – – all so succinctly summed up right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

P.S#2 – Also, don’t forget to check out our collection of Chinese femdom compilations – right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/compilations/chinese-femdom-compilations/

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