Why I so LOVE fat, bitchy women that put me in my PLACE!

I’ve written about it so often.

Sex workers. Maids. The downtrodden lot. The women that aren’t considered traditionally attractive and have the “inner anger” in them for that reason!

And so forth.

I’ve enjoyed worshipping them even more than the other Goddesses, and if she’s “older” – I love it even more!

I love BITCHES, bascially.

And bitchy women, and God(dess) knows I know and have worshipped so many of these lovely perfect ladies!

Could be perfect Madam Amelia that messaged me out of the blue a while back, could be Goddess Kay, all of whom want MONEY from me!

I haven’t seen either one of them, but they’re both older, both career women!

“Madam, it’s an honor to polish your shoes!”

With my shirt at that, and it is!!

And here’s the point of me saying this – last night, I was dreaming of a lovely blond cougar I had the honor of knowing once!

She’d often slam her feet down on the table – or in front of me, and order me to bring her wine.

Often times, she’d drink too much.

She’d bitch. She’d moan. She’d complain about men! Galore!

And she’d eat and drink too much often – much like men do!

And she would puke after it occasionally.

And I’d still press her legs, look at her feet, and I’d BEG to clean it up!

“Madam, it’s your puke! Please allow me to clean it up, Goddess!”

I’d do so, and I’d press her legs and bring her more drink after that.

Madam would laugh at me, half drunk.

She’d literally slap me and order me around (remember, she was 50 plus).

Fat. Rolls of fat around her midsection.

BIG legs.

But the minute those feet, those lovely feet were up, I’d lose ANY AND ALL CONTROL!

And I’d drop down and beg.

She knew it.

“Boy, you’re so pathetic. Really! All I do is slam my feet up and be a bitch to you. You love it!”

YEs, Madam, I did!

That girlfriend of mine … THAT ONE, remember? Counseling? She once asked me why I love bitches and why I Wanted her to be one to me!

Well, I couldn’t explain it to her. But I do to YOU all the time!

(and I do in my kink counseling sessions too!).

But anyway, Indian Goddesses have often done this to me as well.

Fat, bitchy, tired of life with men around …. and they SO love their feet worshipped, and as with Madam Ann …I LOVE NOT having sex with them!

Women are just so gorgeous, my friend.

Just so gorgeous!

And you can read more about my adventures in terms of Indian femdom here – and Chinese femdom here.


Mike Watson

PS – Some have said “reading my stuff gives them orgasms”. And so it should, my friend. So it should. Just thinking of perfect Madam Susan for one gives me orgasms, multiple ones, and if you ain’t read the odes to her, you SHOULD NOW!

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