Yet another Goddess like, profoundly sexy, profoundly PROFOUND – profoundly DOMINANT – PROFOUND POSE!


Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

Ma’am, …. Ma’am … Ma’am…

THAT is how these poses make you, the true femdom lover feel – OUT OF CONTROL!

And those poses are poses we’ve seen – we’ve jacked off to – we’ve nipplegasmed too (THE BEST!) – or sissygasmed to (again GREAT!) – or simply ruined our orgasms too in the most orgasmic manner and fashion (for you Brits reading this, hehe) possible!


And I dont know if I mentioned the one beneath (that I am gonna talk about) – in the book, simply because there are so many, they are all so RAVISHING!

(which book, you ask? Golly, forgot to put that in there – Profound poses – 17 poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!)

All make me want to drop down, WORSHIP!

Beyond compare!

And this one?

Madam on her stomach (come to think of it, I did put that in the book, I believe) – and calves up in the air.

Moving, dangling, whatever, and she’s looking you STRAIGHT IN THE EYE – at the camera – at YOU!

A middle finger adds to it!

HEr make up does!

her boobs – the little she shows – DO!

All of it does, of course!

But most of all, every true femdom lovers gaze is drawn where it should be – not just to her feet, but the BOTTOMS – the SOLES!

Yes, those SOLES, those juicy SOLES!

And thats one of those poses where even if the girl is not dominating – she automatically becomes that when she senses your vibe, and you submissives – just DROP DOWN AND WORSHIP!

You know what I mean …

Get this book now – you’ll love it!

And on an aside.

“Madam, can I wear a skirt for you?”

“sure hahahaha”.

that was Princess Dani, she’s “busy” . Hehe.

And I asked her if I could make money for her wearing a skirt, hehe.

No answer as yet, I’m sure it’ll “Come” – pun not intended, and intended!

“Madam, do you know about maidservant visas”? 

No, not for her, boy!

For me, hehe, since she’s currently in Europe!

Ma’am doesnt know about them.

Such a pity, hehe.

Anyway, maybe I’ll introduce her to them …

And maybe I’ll write a Spanish femdom book too in addition to my great Chinese femdom books and sizzling, scintillating, equally so – INDIAN FEMDOM books!

As for you – there’s a lot of you this list that haven’t bought the books as yet ?

Whats your excuse – why the delay, friend?

If you’re just on this list for free stuff, please do yourself a favor and leave…

If not, well, the ball’s in your court, friend.

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – Interesting how people from the most “uptight” sections of society, the most “respectable” of institutions sign up for this list. Fetish truly knows no boundaries, we ALL have them!

Just most of us dont ADMIT them. Hehe.

Do so, and enjoy a life that you can only dream about until now, myf riend – trust me on this one!

Thats what I dont get, especially with all these stories of molestation, both male and female coming out from Catholic Churches, so called respectable homes and what not …

An dthats what repressing desires leads to, i.e unhealthy outlets…

Sad, but true.

Why people dont get it in general is beyond me!

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