The SPLENDOR of a long, rock solid – straight hard DONG!

And I mean perfectly straight …

Cock lovers know the type, perfectly straight, cut, the head standing out like so. Like Master Wangs cock, so pretty!

Sissy confessions contains so many steaming hot confessions I made to Mistress Megan, as she took my money, called me “completely gay” repeatedly, told me to flirt with men, made my lovely feminine pics – and more

Truly a rush, i was thinking of just a couple nights ago!

And on Twitter, as I see a video of a sissy deep throating…

Perfect genuine feminine sissy. I was thinking of just this, Master wangs long dick last night. Hehe. Cockhead hitting the back of the throat, the way it pops out, the SPLENDOR of a long hard DONG!

So it IS my friend and fellow cock lover. I’ll leave the rest up your imagination, but remember just like I go deep, take it deep, and so forth . . . Our great books Penis Central and cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots truly do do too.

They literally change lives, you’ll never think about a penis the same way after getting hooked on to these!

And that rush alone is worth the price of admission, though there are so many more.

Grab them NOW.


Mike Watson

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