Kissing, flicking with tongue on tip maybe & even platonic if possible, his illustrious, LUSTROUS lucious LONG DONG as he passes, swingeth by!

A long time ago I watched a, two, actually that have stuck in mind more than 20 years later. It’s not the one I wrote about most often.

It’s one where tall skinny black dude (don’t slim guys have the largest cock honey and most horny? X) and are strong, lean,bsexy, the body type women want, nay CRAVE? so nice, pity most idiots at the gym pumping and toning dont get it – used his hands to cum on the fuck while cuck comes on his shoes, polishes them with it. Actually I believe he came on a thorny plant. Poor guy. So he deserves, so he got!

Later, he’s talking to Madam who let’s stud use cucks car without asking. So humiliating!

And all the time studs moving aroun, long John swinging!

I and likely the cuck felt this urge to just kiss.

Not even sexually, just blow the cock head a kiss, taste the tip once more, just, I don’t know, kiss the magnificent TUBE!

And the organs attached to it…

And that’s what as a sissy I often think about, do.

Should be one of the tips in the above book!

But – it’s there in the premier book on cock worship and taking it to the next level as few EVER have, few ever will.

Few except true cock lovers will understand this UNDYING passion for long dongs and the heads!

Just blow it a kiss.

Kiss the shaft.

Don’t even get deep into serving him!

Platonically, it’s so romantic, his cock and you, nothing else except madam, kind of like her, her soles, and you, butt plugged of course!

In memory, I kept my left finger in my ass midway all while And throughout taking a thoroughly invigorating and sexy hot shower, if you can believe that to be possible. It is!

Didn’t even move it in and out, since Bhagwati Ma’am isn’t here. I am not allowed. Whe she’s here, I have a dildo or plug up my ass, and she uses it giggling often.

Those sparks!

That’s what I was thinking about last night too, simply saying hi to the cock as it swingeth by!

That bulbous HEAD!

And that’s that.



PS – Thers a reason behind our illuminary and flagship slogan – feet and cock, boy! Feet … And COCK!






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