The magic of the GLEAMING, MALICE FILLED eyes!

Mistress Malice, I believe the name was, but back in the day I chatted with a lady with that name!

She used to work with the lovely Mistress Vixen from the UK – I’m not sure if these two OLDER Divas are still around, but they were so drop dead gorgeous back then – and their words – the way they said ’em – it was an honor even talking to them!

They had a forum, Divinity or something I believe it was called, and I interacted a LOT THERE.

And the first lady had a thing for playing with NIPPLES! Oh. MY!

And there was a dude there I remember named “sole server”.

It could of course, all have been yours truly … my thoughts, as it were!

But anyway, the point of this is …

I’ve been writing about my SO as of late.

That lovely (ONE) foot – and SOLE!

That IRRITATED and casual “me no care” (but she does!) laugh!

That ANNOYANCE as she IGNORES the footboy at her feet, keeps watching her soap operas, then slowly and languidly turns over for that long ass worship session.

“I’ll never suck YOUR DICK, boy – thats for sure!” 

“You exist to SERVE ME, BOY!” 

Me, Me, ME!!!!

… Yes, Madam! 

And as the taste of her ass is fresh in my mouth a day later, and that SOLE still staring at me, I remember cumming (at the end of it all) in a ruined orgasm manner that I wrote about … with nothing but nipple stimulation.

She didnt even touch me. Hehe.

Her soles did it, after she was too exhausted and relaxed to do anything!

But really ..

It all starts with the eyes.

That LOOK in the eye, as I keep writing about, and it CANNOT —  I repeat, CANNOT — be faked!

Bozos sitting at home wanking around on porn, remember that!

“free” means you get just that – NOTHING.

As perfect Madam Brittany told me all those years ago …

“Would you be willing to pay a bit more, footboy?I can dominate you like you DESERVE!” 

Was I?

Oh my!

She was another queen, with that LOOK in the eye.

But really, those sexy EYES, that GLEAM of MALICE in the eye that Chinese ladies for one do so well (maybe thats subconsciously why my current Indian S.O. is heavily into Korean Soap operas etc – after a LONG time of me telling her about then. It took a while for the subconscious to start clicking, but it has now, and there’s never been anything more erotic!).



That LOOK, that vibe, which comes from the inside. She OWNS YOU, boy!


Perhaps the most glaring example of this is what happened to me the night I “saw” Princess Joanie online. It’s all detailed in the book, but if there was ever a lady that took hold of me with those cunning, KNOWING, YOUNG,malice filled EYES in a GOOD Way – and most beautiful feet in Southern China – it is HER!

And I’ve detailed it ALL in the book.

Grab it now, my friends. Truly a MUST READ!




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