Ma’am, I feel like SUCH a loser! And it’s so NICE!!!

And it is, it really SO IS!! Muah.

As I see the gorgeous lady from Tokyo I’ve been writing about – those soles – big and BARE – and BROAD – my! She could be another Princess Joanie, really, to be honest! – I saw her in a picture sitting on the side of the subway entrance to … well, somewhere in Japan.

She asked the following question while showing (the picture was showing) her sitting – with her SOLE visible from an “under the sole” shot!


“What would you do if you saw me like this?”


Ma’am might as well have said BOY!

Reminds me, as I told her, of the times I used to go to Hong Kong from mainland China on a monthly or bi monthly basis, first half, or the start of that trip was done via subway – and I remember SO staring at the girls, all in shorts, those lovely SOLES – and if I saw Madam like that, as I saw THIS lady – all I saw was Madam’s broad sole, scrunched as she was on the phone, I was ready to give her my BANK ACCOUNT!!! – and if I saw this Madam like this?

As I told her, “Ma’am, I’d NEVER make it to Hong Kong”.

And i probably wouldn’t!

I’d probably want to just squat down and massage her feet right there like an obsequious servant, and it’s SO NICE, the feeling! So LOVELY!

I got the “so lovely” part from a certain Madam Susan … “You are so lovely!” . Hehe.

Anyway, as we discussed a day or so ago, I’m SUCH a loser for cumming in pant when looking at her bare soles (she’s one of those rare girls who cuts off her face – most Asian girls dont do that – so all I saw, soles! But that makes it more special, SHE is more special!) …

… ?…

And Ma’am, I feel like such a loser, it feels so nice!

It feels so nice to be a loser and call ladies Ma’am, while they wonder “why is this freak calling me Ma’am”, or grovel in front of them as they giggle, and ask “why”, or ask them about their lover’s penises and beg for them to have other men while I stay locked up, and so forth …

Being a loser for women … just SO NICE!

Ma’am, can I press your feet?

Ma’am, can I rub your soles while you sleep?

And the rest of it.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji. You make it SO worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – Almost forgot, “leading from the bottom” – and all my BOOKS written in that vein. Get some now, some of the BEST – actually, THE best femdom erotica you will EVER read, straight from the HEART – saying it like it IS always – forever!

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