When you KNOW you’re “penis breath” and a TRUE CUCKOLD!

Not that I had to think much about it, as I paused a movie to simp for an Amazonian Foot Goddess – who I asked her name, but whether she tells me or not, I dont care, she is just such a Queen and perfect goddess!

Stopping movies to see my twitter feed, I often do that, of course, I have to screenshot the ladies soles in the movie too. OH MY!

But anyway – how to know I’m a true cuckold?

I know that since birth. Hehe. All true cucks do.

But, when you’re watching a movie with the male lead, or one of them into kinky online sex(which really, in the movie is made out to be much worse than it is – but the girl’s EWWW’s really do it! Hehe) …

… and you think about his slim yet muscular chest and the pert nipples – and flicking them!

You know the girl’s lips turn you on, without the women, you wouldn’t watch the movie at all, but when you see one get out of bed, all you can look at – her arms, her soles, think about massaging them, and her boyfriend in bikini cut underwear, that sexy slim body, the DICK bulging out almost – I wanted to peel it off SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But why just me tell you?

Here is what the lovely Goddess said, her own words!  (to all my simping, most of it at least) –

Omg Obsessed! ?

I honestly can’t keep up with your pathetic messages. I need to hire 10 foot boys to keep up!

You can’t stop thinking about my man’s ? can you ?

#1 fan boy over here.

Such a good, loyal footboy ?

There’s more – but thats enough to explain, no? Hehe. And I’ve only known this Queen briefly, but those long soles – OH MY

Immortal, like Madam who is truly a QUEEN AND GODDESS LIKE NONE OTHER!

Well, no, I can’t stop thinking about Ma’am’s boyfriend’s penis, its shaped so nicely muah, … and the rest? Hire 10 footboys? As I told Madam, a certain Madam Suvi and cleaning house – hers – comes to mind!

So – NICE! muah

Oh and before I forget – penis breath?

(I wont even get into all the simping I replied to Madam with)

Well Madam Su, cuckoldress au extraordinnaire like NO OTHER, as I’ve often said before – she used to giggle and call me that on the few occasions we actually kissed, and I could get my lips away from Jerome’s dong and asshole!

I taught her the term – and “ass” breath too. Hehe.


Her lover was so SEXY!

But she made it all so worth it …

And pressing her legs was such an honor, being a cuckold for these lovely ladies truly is!

As I told Madam.

I truly LOVE empowered, dominating Goddesses like this … ah, let me find the exact comment!

I truly love empowered, liberated women like MAdam, it’s so NICE, such an honor! So it should be… femdom and them being 100% COMFORTABLE with it!

And that says it all, doesnt it?



Back to movie, where I’ll leak again I’m sure. Hehe. Paye Lagu, Madam. You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – Cucks, pick up Cuckold Compilations NOW. You will NOT regret it!  (if you think THIS writing or my other free writing is hot, wait till you read the paid versions. Hehe).

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