Why EACH asshole is DIFFERENT, sissy!

Talk to my soles, boy! Not me!

The voice of imperious and oh so perfect (over 50 years young) Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan who Madam Carrie introduced me to rings out so clearly like it’s yesterday.

Learn what my soles are saying, boy! Learn to understand how I feel by looking just at my soles, and not just my face!!!

There is an art to this, my friend.

Indeed, her soles can talk – and tell you a lot – if you so listen!

And while Madam Carrie has more on this, the point is this – each foot is different, just as each lady is.

They ALL need to be worshipped differently, even if its the same, it’s always just that little bit different depending upon HER specific preference if you get my drift.

Ditto for cocks – not only do they look different, but they are different.

Each guy likes his sucked, blown or wanked differently!

Focus on the head, boy! Jerome would tell me.

While Kendrick would shove his long tendril down my throat roughly and throat fuck me …

Leroy preferred my butt, and banging me for hours. I so loved it! So much and so many SISSYGASMS For me!!!!

And that lovely DONG inside of my sissy canal!

Balls are different too for the same reason.

But assholes you ask?


Or, yes, cuck!

Or, yes, Maam!!!


Each of them puckers.

Each of them is holy God or Goddess like sewer …

Each of them has different waste coming out of it, but it’s all waste.

Each is shaped the same.


And I’m not just talking smell. OR hair.

I love ass hair on men!

Parting those hairy balls is one thing, untangling the hair as a girl in Sin City Diaries once did for me, giggling (I came before she did anything – how pathetic!) …

But parting the hairs around his ass with your tongue is a treat!

And depending upon the day he or she has had, how he feels, each ass just “talks differently!” 

Sometimes the lips are puckered differently. 

Sometimes the fingers or cocks slide in so smoothly. Other times, they’re irritated and you need more lube!

what is constant, of course, is sissy lips are always in ass, and on asshole.

Those are the only lips we’re allowed to kiss.

And the only ones we love!

And we’ve kissed and smooched so many of them!

And we’re loving it.



Mike Watson

PS – Assholes are just lovely, and sometimes male ones MORE!

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