Remembering Madam Aa Ling…

Or Aa Chie, I should say!

I still remember her telling me her name “Aa Chie” and giggling when I could barely pronounce it.


She was SO CUTE, that first meeting, that first kiss – I believe in 2004? I remember it as if it was yesterday…

I remember the last time I spoke to her on the phone, I could barely speak any Chinese, she no English, but we managed to communicate somehow!

Last night, after all these years – 18?? – she came to me – as she sometimes does.

There was a hotel, a nice one, a shower, A/C – a lovely bed – all of it not unlike the area where I met her for the first time (the bordello, as detailed in the book!).

(check out the rave reviews for this, and other books)

And after the shower, I slept with her – except I didnt.

I massaged her feet with oil, as she slept – and paid for it. Hehe. Yes, she was a “lady of the night” – and yes she took me in hand so well – and yes, after she came to me in the dream, I asked her about the foot massage, and how many others did it …

She giggled.

“No-one ever gave me a foot massage before!”

While she did to so many people.

Which of course, my friend is what is the whole point of this, Sin City Diaries and so forth, worshipping downtrodden ladies – ladies of the night – ladies that are traditionally looked down upon – maids in India – sex workers in China – and so forth … it makes it all so WORTH IT!

Aa Chie – or Aa Ling, as I named her in the book was – probably still is so – SO CUTE!

She even showed up in the dream later as I was with an old boss of mine who was telling me to document it all (as he often did. Heh).

“It needs to be in WRITING!”

Which I’ve always agreed with. It’s one thing to say it verbally and many dont write it because they’re too lazy to – or CANNOT.

CAN you WRITE down what you’ve agreed upon – or your thoughts – so vividly that the reader feels as if they’re experiencing it “word picture” as it were?

THAT is key!

And back to Aa ling, who I quietly pointed out “Freddie” to in the dream – “lao ban!” (boss!) . . .

I wonder what she is doing NOW.

Where she is now, how she is.

Does she even remember me?

Somehow, I believe she does, time and distance sometimes matters NOT …

A reader wrote back to tell me

“When I read your books, I feel I’m stepping into a different world!” 

That she’s right about – a female dominated world!

But not just that.

It’s a world which is REAL – more reality than fantasy, though the latter is definitely there!

And it’s a HAPPY world.

I remember all those hours I spent – all those days – weeks, literally – I’d be holed up in my apartment, drinking beer occasionally, but for the most part, workouts – and WRITING!

I’d write for DAYS on end.

I’d do nothing else.

And I was the happiest ever during those times…

Today, as I sit here, thinking about two things –

One being. nothing remains the same.

Yet, it does.

I’m sure if I meet Aa Chie one of these days, she’ll be the first to agree!

And the second thing, I keep remembering what Paula, my translator – for the Italian, German, Spanish and French – quite a medley eh! – for Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume One kept saying to “Prince Michael”.

“Good morning, Prince Mike! Hope you enjoy your Princess (she was referring to Pearl) – and more happiness is on the way today!”

Shes done the translation for the book in all those languages – quite the wonder woman she is!

She asked me if I had any other languages I’d prefer to get my books translated into – well, maybe Russian and Chinese!

Down the line, I’m sure that will happen too.

Right now, she’s working on Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – Volume Two – another great, great book – which much like Owned by Madam Aa Ling and Meeting Ms Chen – has received many a rave review.

Well, my friend, it seems I forgot to “end this one” – before clicking “submit” so I’ll do so now.

Get the books above NOW – they’re that good. You will LOVE ’em, that I guarantee!

Back soon!



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