A man’s life would CHANGE if he did this…

Hi {name}

… did what, you ask?

While on the phone with Raven, whose doing an absolutely superlative job for me on the audiobook for Femdom Central – which is such a hot book it will be solved chapter wise on a subscription model pretty soon – on that note, some of our other subscriptions are well worth a gander both price wise and content wise! …

And we discussed many things.

The business, how Mike Watson doesn’t look like what most people expect skin color wise – hehe – which adds to the intrigue of it all – and those hidden, innermost desires that never go away. That we never acknowledge…most of don’t.

Those above two links are a must read.

How he’s working with us on an affiliate model, promotion tactics, sales, his absolutely outstanding work – all of it, but as we discussed these things, he made this comment.

I truly believe most mens lives would change if they had a prostrate orgasm!

And he’s SO right.

So fuckin right!

So goddamned right!

The sales page says more, but really, that holds true for everything we do.

Your life will change once you acknowledge and GIVE in to your innermost desires.

All that brutally honest writing didn’t come out of nowhere.

I live it.

I’ve lived it.

I continue to!

And I’m by far the best placed to TEACH you how to change your own life sexually and therefore in all regards – and believe me, those base desires never go away.

I’ve been kicked in the balls like I wrote about in Ballbusting 101. My novels and tales – I’ve not just written fantasies – I’ve DONE those things (hence the constant refrain of keeping one FOOT on the real world, being a true leader – and reality mixed in with a dose of creative license, never thf other way around).

People want REAL. And Mike Watson GIVES you really from his uniquely perched position if that makes sense!

Back to Sissygasms, we spoke about fetlife, how it’s turned into a cesspool of men wanting to get laid for free , how I set up a WeChat group in China which again, that same attitude by men caused it to disintegrate …

… and why we do what we do here. And the male mentality of not wanting to try new things, labeling stuff as gay and what not – closed minds, and don’t get me wrong, a lot of women can be pretty closed in that regard too!

We spoke about the Amazon mess.

And many other things, but most of all, and to end – sissygams – those will truly change your life if you’re a male.

If you’re a female, Ass Worship 101 covers many of the same concepts and both books should be got together in terms of results and learning – the latter comes FIRST – and Sissy Central which remains one of our most popular courses for a reason.

The world would be, as Raven agreed – so much more of a better place if more folks were on board with what they truly want, CRAVE, desire. It can be YOURS, my friend. In any economy, any situation, I don’t care, if you truly want it, it will happen.

MAKE it happen.

Take the leap.

GET the products.

START learning.


So sayeth Emperor Mike. Hehe – thank you again, Countess Paula!

Her translation, narration, all of it on this site is … ?

Words fail me.

BEYOND superlative, and I’ll end on that note. YOU, my friend, have the potential to be truly superlative and a leader in your own life too.

Acknowledge those desires, and let’s do this.

I look forward to your response {name}, my friend!


Mike Watson

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