Penis, penis, penis!

I so love that word. Hehe. And dong!

“Cock”, of course, is the commonly used slang – as is “dick”.

But somehow penis seems more formal, more erotic in that you’re “Respecting” the organ much more!

Perhaps NO other body part has so much literature – or thought – from all angles – devoted to it – as the male phallus, penis, weapon, dong, sword, lumber, club, or what not … Hehe.

And perhaps there has never been a book like Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and perhaps there never will be.

Only, there is MORE.

That book above, a truly LIFE changing book as readers have written in  to tell me (and rightly so, that book CHANGES Lives!) … is level #1 in the Penis Worship series.

And I just came out with Level #2 – pun not intended, and intended, hehe – Penis Central!

Truly, if you thought “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots” was the holy grail in terms of penis worship; and I wouldn’t blame you if you did – well, this goes a step beyond and then some.

This truly “treads” where NO MAN has treaded before in terms of cock worship.

You’ll truly learn ALL About how to worship different TYPES of penises in this course, and its not even just for you BDSM lovers – as the first one was (heavy slant on BDSM in the first, humiliation etc as is evident from the title) – but THIS course works just as well for vanilla folk as it does BDSM lovers, just as well for women as it does men, just as well for gays as hetero sexual people (not that I believe in labels) – and so forth.

And if you’re looking to truly extend your penis worship SKILLS (pun intended!) to the point where you cannot be touched – where he’ll SQUIRM For pleasure all night long and keep coming back for more (which is good for YOU, hehe) – then THIS is the course you’ll want to get.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – It wasn’t a surprise, was it? With all the cock and sissy talk over the last few days, this was bound to “erupt” and it did!

Dormant volcanoes, lava, a certain Madam Megan and more …

And the CROWINING GLORY in the book? 

Well, you’ll see the prettiest damsel of all time at the end of the book – READY to suck dick – in a parking lot at that. 

And that alone to me is worth the price of admission, I’d pay the chickie big bucks for some worship – trust me on this one – and if me with “excellent taste in girls” as I’ve been told says that – then you KNOW it’s true!

Get this NOW.

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