My advice to a submissive man into cuckolding.

Kink counseling is part and parcel of what we do around here my friend. In fact it’s obvious, it’s embedded into EVERY book, manual, product or anything we produce, do or sell.

Most relationships fall apart due to money?

That’s one huge reason yes, but it’s not the biggest by far.

Sexual incompatiblities and inability, or not knowing how to communicate your needs better to your partner is really where the rubber hits the road – except it might be papered over if other aspects of your relationship are ok.

Man, I was even thinking of doing a video on this the other day, given what you’ll see below, as always, my thoughts were predicting or and creating the future.

And none better than Mike Watson to guide you out of your problems both sexually and life wise. I’ve Always been a teacher naturally, there is nothing or few things I enjoy more than teaching folks how to do things that I learn myself “in the trenches”, the best University ever.

Anyway …

Merce, a reader of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume Three wrote back with an interesting comment.

(He’s loving the book, I’ll share a review on that soon too)

 if i can ask you, would you mind helping me on some problem in mi actual relationship? It’s kinda related to cuckolding/ open relationship… And since you’re an expert maybe your advise can help me try to comunicate my needs to my partner better…

Yours truly –

YES, I’m more than happy to offer you advice. Please let me know specifics on your situation and we will go from there. Best, Mike watson

And being he hasn’t written back as yet, this one will keep being updated. Some of you might recieve this via email NOW, but just check the site for updates, it’ll be there when his update comes.

Remember, every situation is SPECIFIC – as I mention on the Kink Counseling page.

And, without more details, I’m loathe to offer him “one size fits all advice” which doesn’t exist.

Watch this space for more.

Until then, another very interesting and erotic piece of advice in “doing it” format I gave was to Madam Candice, how to make her man . . . CUM! ??

I truly enjoyed that one too, hehe, as you can tell or might imagine, anyway, we will be back soon on this one! Xx

Here we go –

 Also, about what i asked before… I’ve been with my partner for almost two years now, and i love how we comunicate with each other, but about 6 months ago, he asked me to open the relationship because he opened his heart to me telling me that actually he is not comfortable with a two partner relationship, and that he felt more like a poliamorous one, and since i’ve never tried one and i was curious i accepted, the problem here it’s that i’m not mentally prepared yet to imagine him with other people (male or female) and i don’t know if the best option is just telling him to return to the old version of our relationship (which i’m thinking he will say no) or to try and tell him about the situation… because since i don’t know if i will change my mind about me also like “using” the “freedom” to be with more people, i’m not sure AHAHA… but at the same time the problem is that since it was long ago that i told him it was okay but just now he told me he wanted to go meet new people, just arised the internal fears and i feel like it’s wrong to change my mind now, and what you told in the book of like feeling it’s wrong this way… Soo… sorry for the big chunk here… any recomendations on what to do??

Yours truly –

Hi Merce,

It really depends upon what you want my friend!

It sounds like you want a monogamous relationship but he wants a polygamous one – but I’m not sure if it’s that, or if he’s just “keeping his options open”! (Which is what it sounds like to me, ie he might not want this relationship long term, at least no seriously…) I don’t know I read this situation right – but I think I did! And, in this case it might be good to “let go” yourself and let him move on because if you don’t, then he’ll find a way to do so anyway, even if he doesn’t “want” to.

Other hand, if you are convinced he WANTS to stay in the relationship, but (and is committed to it,) – wants to see other people too, them it might be worth it for you too to consider the same?

Sometimes, meeting new people broadens the horizons, go into things with an open mind and a clear agreement and honesty, and you never know where things might end up my friend!!

So that’s my advice there, let me know what you think – no “one size fits all” as you can tell:):).

Keep being open!!


xo MW

And that’s that! Xoxo


Mike Watson

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