Once you get on the fetish train, you NEVER go back!

So . . . I’m going to say something which should be bloody obvious to most people.

Those reading this, at least, assuming you’re TRUE fetish lovers (and you probably are if you’re here!).

And what I mean is this – is that if you’re really, really into fetish, and by that I mean obviously the MENTAL side of it, then going back will be tough, if not IMPOSSIBLE, and IMPOSSIBLE with the right mental conditioning!

Of course, that can be reversed.

But would you want to?

I sure wouldn’t, my friend.

I Can’t see myself playing the alpha in bed for any length of time. Perhaps occasionally as a switch, but for the most part?

No way, Jose!

It’s far sexier to GIVE UP control than to take it (in bed, at least!).

And while that is the case for me, it might be different for you.

Some women may feel comfortable giving control up rather than taking it. Indeed, that’s a problem I’ve had with SO’s in the past, so many times that I have stopped counting (and hence why I put together the book on finding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland, the RIGHT way).

But I know one thing . . .

I could NEVER take feet out of the equation now to cum (if I ever do!) for me.

Regular “real man” orgasms are GREAT.

But the let down after those?

Compared to the HIGH you get after P spot and other RUINED orgasms, and the sissy gasm that keep on and on and on, keep going on and on and on??

I think the choice is clear, at least for me!

And that’s why it’s very important to be very clear about these things before jumping into any sort of a relationship as believe me, YES, it WILL impact you later down the line.

And problems can always be resolved, yes. That’s why we have our kink counseling services.

But it’s better not to LET them occur in the first place, I’d say, and for that, communication is key my friend.

Pun intended, or maybe not! ?

And anyway . .  . if both of you are truly INTO it, all the way, then it makes for a far more fun “ride” than if it is just one person “coercing” or “pleading with” the other.

Believe me.

Been there, done that, and the result is a big fat ZERO in most regards.

Ain’t worth it, my friend!

And on that note, off I go. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – BE sure and pick up Humiliation Central, the DEFINITIVE guide to being humiliated and DOING it right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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