So Madam Candice’s man can CUM …

I remember chatting with a young lady “Candice” last year (from the Chinese mainland).

I don’t know what it is was about her, but the picture she had … on her WeChat, her in a BLUE dress (hmm! Madam Pooja and her BLUE sari – is there a coincidence here? ? I think NOT!) drew me to her.

And her first comments endeared her to me as well.

What do I mean?

Well, she sent me several audio notes.

And as a general rule, and in general, folks (including myself) would obviously prefer TEXTS from people we don’t “know” as yet as opposed to audio.

And this lovely lady knew this, of course! ?

And amidst the other things she told me, she also told me this.

“Sorry for all the audio! I’m busy, so don’t have the time to type!”

And this wasn’t really said in a femdom mode at all.

Now, this girl while not “traditionally” beautiful wasn’t un-attractive at all!

Lovely straight her, an ass to die for and the legs – and her feet – and while all of it was “bigger” than what most Chinese consider attractive (remember that thing about “women need to be thin!”), I got an instant hard on looking at her.

But it wasn’t femdom that really drew me to her in the first place.

Or was it? ?

Anyway, we hit it off and were soon calling each other and chatting.

Just friends. Nothing special!

One night she sent me a video of her “bent over” while playing pool at the bar!

Sexy as hell, especially when combined with what she sent later, her lovely legs – those LEGS – – walking home!

She called me that night, if I recall correctly. I was pretty drunk at the time as I had a few beers and then some, but I remember talking to her!

And one of the things she told me was about her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend apparently couldn’t cum until she “squirted” (and he couldn’t find any girls that did , and she did, so …).

And this, for whatever reason stuck in my mind along with the other things she told me a day or so later, and then after that!! ?

“So, I squirt. I sucked his dick for a long time, but he didn’t cum! So, to make him cum, I ….”

“He can’t cum unless I squirt!”

Now, I haven’t seen this “boyfriend” of hers as yet. Never ever. So I’ve no idea what he looks like etc, but apparently he was important enough (at least that night! ?) for her to make him CUM, and do anything to that extent!

And from a cuck standpoint, isn’t that manna from heaven? ?

It is!

Anything tom ake that other cock cum!

It could be licking his asshole as he has sex, it could be playing with his nipples.

IT could be kissng his ass, or sucking his toes, or preferably his lovely big dick!

And slobbing all over the head!

And it could be, as Madam Su made me do with Master Jerome (so often!) dress up as a sissy so at the height of lust, he sees ‘two red mouths’ on his cock as opposed to just one!


His cum and orgasms matter, and not yours!

Yours sissygasm? Well, an “unfortunate” by product!

And one yours truly will be happy to live with all his life!

Anyway, that’s the thought for now. Oh, and this gorgeous lady often sent me pictures of herself.

It was as if we were flirting.

But often times she asked me “which photo is best?”

So she could send it to her “boyfriend” (or “:that guy” by her own admission!! Hehe).

Little did she know. Ah, only if! Hehe.

More benefit for HER, of course. Hey, why not! I loved it, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for asking me all that, and that’s why I’m writing about it HERE!


Mike Watson

PS – Anything to make HIM and his gorgeous COCK erupt, cum in SHEER ECTASY! Anything at all, yes! And that’s why I put out Cuckold Compilations. It details experiences which made just THAT happen!!

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