The contrast between the two pairs of soles last night …

I saw some interesting things in a park last night in India. As I keep saying about there “some things truly never change in India,never have, never will”.

Part of that is Indian reliance on their domestic help, the uneasy love hate relationship between help and employer, and perhaps most sadly their kids – who grow up with that class difference embedded in their minds, their daily lives, which is so truly very sad for kids, but yet another one of those evils in the country people shrug their shoulders at and pass off as normal.

Anyway, i didn’t go there to think about or observe all this. Just happened, and fancy, I was out there to buy a few bananas – and got in a great workout in the process, and …


Well, Indian soles all around me!

Two fat and well pampered pairs of soles – and one arrogant sole – petite, foot well pedicured, which kept staring at me for a distance for a reason which while I looked back respectfully – I couldn’t understand why – now i do!

It was the portender of whats to come, that lovely haughty pigeon footed Indian maid I write off so often showed up!


I could barely focus on my workout as she stared at me, voluptuous brown arms, breasts heaving .. and of course those feet!

The other pairs of soles were all clean, well pampered – hers?

Like with most maids, there was diet sticking to it like second nature, but despite that, a PROUD foot!

I can tell. My.

My own feet are called baby soft, well pedicured and such when the truth is i hardly even take care of them beyond wearing flip flops and shoes most of the time.

Maybe I’m lucky. Hehe. Good genetics there most likely!

But I’ve often wondered how female soles get that dirty … Regardless of all the care they take of them!

Either way, dirty or not, that sole is magnificent.

Like Bao Bao and scores of others said …

Maybe for maids, the work they do barefoot repeatedly, I don’t know.

But cracked or not, when that female sole thumps on your chest, stares you in the FACE, that’s inescapable royalty for you there, a profound pose that hits you at your very core.

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Mike Watson

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