What girls really mean when they call you “kind”, sissy!

First off, let’s encapsulate this like (my sissy penis in a cage, hehe) – in BRIEF! (while my briefs are wet from leaking. Hehe).

IT is truly SUCH A TURN ON – I repeat, SUCH A TURN ON To not just give, but BEG TO GIVE HER – MONEY – while staring at her soles, massaging them as she lazily relaxes! spicyanderoticfetish.com/2021/03/23/my- More #humiliating if which she does, talk to MEN! #findom #longcock

(as I stare at my SO’s soles, as she kicks me, as I SO WISH Master Malone’s long dong was here too to service her, I’d press his feet too, I so WANT TO!)

This is Master Malone’s lovely DONG, Master, I’m SO SORRY, I love YOU AND YOUR PENIS, the HEAD, SO MUCH, you’re such a GOD, you’re so ROYAL, such aperfect KING!

Master, PLEASE!

And I so wish I could introduce this cock, I talk about it all the time to my SO!

She would love it!

He’s always hard and horny!

As for me, I’d just be in heaven serving the two of them, and obeying their commands!

Anyway – money?

But first, on with the short description – see how COCK gets this sissy carried away? DO you identify?????

Especially this man’s cock!

It’s so NICE!

Of course, that is precisey what I did when going to sex workers in China – or massage workers. I so KNEW they laughed at me behind my back! spicyanderoticfetish.com/volume-1-sin-c And,resulted in this – spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/Chinese-

And it did! Hehe.

Now that made it all worth it, knowing they LAUGHED AT ME!

Truly did!


But lets finish the brief description!

Maria Ma’am (my elder sister for 10 plus years, that alone should tell you how much of a #sissy I am, hehe) – said I was “kind”. kind? Maybe! But what she really meant was … Hehe. I still remember her sayin g”but you pay her!” Yes, and I begged to! #findom

And that says it all, or it should.

This lovely girl, I knew her back in 2003 – but we have not spoken about any sex – not even once!

She had a boyfriend back then.

And he was earning well!

Nothing if not smart is my elder sister, as I truly feel and call her, we are the best of friends, and sure, she often asks “who I’m with”.

Other than that though – nothing doing.

And I’m so happy with that status quo!

I can talk to her anytime! Muah!

Much like with Princess Sophia, though there is plenty of sex talk there, hehe.

But anyway, she once made the following comment about what I said about how I treated those sex workers, and massage workers, traditionally looked down upon, curiously more by women than men – that bit about women being women’s worst enemies!

“You’re kind! You’re paying her…” , she went. 

I still remember how she said that. Incredulous, yet not. Hehe.


But really, kind – maybe.

I’m more a sissy and faggot in that regard!

I know that.

Worshipping in general is just so nice, isnt it ?

Treating her like a Goddess, and her man like a God!

Truly, I forget the difference between dick and pussy often, serving is all that counts, and matters!

And it always, always works up to a real man’s PENIS.

A real man who like Master Malone, won’t indulge in talk, or foreplay of the romantic kind.

A bad boy. 


She might complain, but she’ll love him prying her legs open and TAKING HER – I know my SO loves real men that do that ROUGHLY!

And Master Malone, Master Jerome, all these men did just that.

They were never kind, but they’re real men, its so nice!

Master Malone’s penis, I’ve written so many odes to it already, if I could, I’d put it as “to worship” in all my books and writings…

I’d literally eat his shit if he told me to tomorrow, he’s such a perfect male God, his PENIS is so NICE!


There’s something about his penis head, I so LOVE IT!

Master, I love you so much!

Rachna Ma’am, I SO LOVE THE WAY YOU Humiliate me daily!

(or, Master Rachna, she seems so manly these days!)

And your soles, your soles, all I want to do is press, worship, and introduce MEN TO YOU!

You so deserve it. They do it, those lovely long penises!


So what she really means when she says youre kind in that regard?

Is that you’re a sissy, period. (and that nice guys unless they do it right – finish – not only last, but NEVER. IT’s real men they want!).

I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise!



Mike Watson

PS – The choice between kindness and real man in bed is up to you!

I know most on this list would choose the first. Hehe.

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