Can you swallow a banana at one go?

And what picture does it put in your mind?

Hehe again….

From the lovely Paula, an affiliate that has done such super great work for me and continues to that I can never thank or praise her enough, truly a Zgoddess send is she…

(This wrt some idiot at Google deactivating the German edition of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume 1 – because the description of the book, I’m assuming, contains the word anal).

Man, people can be and are such jokers….it ain’t even funny.

Anal is a word used in a non sexual manner too!

We will put up an edited version, ugh. But, if they choose to deplatform as like Amazon and others have, by all means. Good riddiance – tho I must say their books team is very supportive and helpful – much more so than Amazon ever was, the polar opposite, extremely nice, friendly, courteous and helpful folks. Thank you guys and girls! You know who you are – onwards –

Your Majesty The Emperor: Again your “fleur de lis”, but now from Google. I think that they have the same software, do not worry about and of other part, you have their attention like your erotic genre is, very proud. In some occasion some great ladies told a famous courtisan about their men, and she only did the next: “She ate a banana in one bite in front of them”. That action was her answer. You will be like her. Be very proud of yourself!

I send you all you want. Greetings.


Imagen integrada

And no, the your majesty part isn’t necessarily sexual despite what you might think. It’s partly that y s, but mostly it’s this.


What picture did the question draw in your mind?


Thought so!

If I had to answer it?

Depends on size and a lot more



Loaded question – no pun – you write back – tell me!!

For now, my response to the Countess, or Empress as I keep calling her like eith Cody

Hi Countess!


Thanks so much again for the kind words, yes, it’s “good” in a way that it’s first Amazon that threw a hissy fit and now Google. Haha. The works been getting noticed for a while now, and really, if these guys can’t handle basic erotica (which Google seems to be better than Amazon on that, but who knows) – then it’s best not to sell on there, period.


Eating an entire banana in one bite, now that’s something. Maybe someday – like you say, indeed someday I’ll do the literary or other equivalent! Hehe …


Hope you’re well – keep up the great work – kisses!



Mike Watson


Sent from my dumb phone, which perhaps ain’t as dumb as I make it out to be. Hehe…

Actually I do the literary equivalent daily!

But, stay humble and lead my friend. The works needs true leaders and real leadership,  not meaningless blustermore so now than ever before!

My products show you the way.

Get them now .





PS – I’m huge on spirituality. Y’all know this, and there was a reason the numbers didn’t quite add up on the last email, yet, I sent it anyway. The universe told me to do, I’m a loyal obedient servant, slave forever there!

Just got THIS

Hello!!! It’s my first job here at this platform, so i don’t know if the deadlines i choose are too narrow or maybe too short. I’ll try my best!!

Love your type of stories.

From Merce, whose requested 70 days to translate the book, which the numbers add up there, and I’m sure he will finish much quicker.

After writing about it two hours ago. Just wow.

No, like i e said before I don’t believe in coincidence. Any form. The Sidney Sheldon quote from the book The Doomsday Conspiracy cones to mind

If you see the same guy tailing you, if you see the same license plate twice – cover your ass.

That was said to a spy.

But the point holds and is true.

I’ll keep yall posted!

Lets see if dem numbers add up NOW. I’ve got a feeling they truly will before I even check!

Oh, the book – volume three of Submissive Musings, the cover alone drive me into A FRENZY for weeks. Imagine what reading it will do to YOU. ?

Yes, it makes Master and your Majesty laugh. Out LOUD!



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