Autographed foot pics

I had an interesting request yesterday!

Hi Mike! I want to ask for you, if you could give me a dedicatory and your sign in the picture of your foot, that you envoyed me yesterday. Like a pop star!
Life keeps getting more interesting. For a guy routinely called a movie star when I’m not – haha – though I’d like to try it – whose books get suggestions “to become a Hollywood script” ( they would make great movies, certainly better content wise than – no offense – the Fifty Shades of Grey movie!).
I have not read the book so can’t comment but the books tend to be a lot better in all genres than the movies- although the Bourne series, Matt Dam did a splendid job!
Truly cut out for that role which we will all remember him for!
What are you truly cut out for?
Pose some questions to yourself daily – hard ones.
Questions force you to think. To CHALLENGE yourself to break free of dogma, think outside the BOX…
….which coming full circle is what we are all about.
Maybe for me, life is coming full circle like it did in Serving an Indian Goddess.
The great Steve Jobs mentioned how you can only connect them dots looking backwards.
So true, my friend, so true. RIP!
Anyway – I won’t reveal the name of the lovely lady who asked, but it was a first. I’ve had folks ask me for autographed copies of my books which I’ve been more than glad to do but this was a first. Always a first! Hehe.
If YOU want to be first in line with such a request, either books wise or otherwise – shoot me an email, and let me know.
And that’s that.
Be good – not! Hehe…?

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