Madam Ji’s lovely PURPLE nailpolish, her lovely dirty legs, right smack in the middle of the JUNGLE…

Really, dirty, without makeup, with feet (in one shot) looking all grimy in the toenail area – all of it – she is such a Queen and Goddess!

Nothing new there, eh. Hehe.

We foot fetishists and TRUE male subs seem to find femdom in everything, a way to worship women in the most unlikely of places – no matter what!

Ever think an Amazonian style jungle with all sorts of weird occurences, and a father and son survivalist duo whose trap accidentally injures a lovely lady, so conveniently in the center of the foot (of course, the unbelievable part is though the arrow went straight through Madam’s foot, she pulls it out – and later along with some rudimentary herbs and bandaging – all back to normal! “Shot yourself in the foot” my ass, didnt seem to be fatal at all here!) …?

They’re REAL survivalists, by the way (I seem to find a way to choose the right movie to watch always, dont I? Hehe. I wont even get into the story, it doesnt seem anything remotely worth telling you about at this point…

Maybe one thing worth telling you about, they’re real survivalists, like Rambo x 1000 – people living entirely off the land, like ENTIRELY – candles made of tree wax, eating worms and meat they killed themselves, and having such an aversion to modern humanity apparently that they worship weird funguses, and (this I agree with hehe) smash any and all dumbphones they get their hands on before calling them “monster!” .. as is to be expected, these people live on the bare minimum.

Bows, arrows, wooden mats to sleep on, rattan “blankets” and so forth, and with all that bare minimum, they’re SKINNY as heck – you’d think.

Most would call ’em skinny .

Yet, you look at the muscles on their frames.

Compact muscle, strong muscle, SINEWY muscle – literally an example of steel and whalebone!

If you’ve ever wondered how certain African tribes living in the jungle have legs of streaming steel despite probably not doing a single squat – well, this email is for you.

At this point, of course, you’ll be thinking “he’s going to talk about those big dicks” these tribal guys have!

Well, that was done a while back!

These two are actually white dudes, except they keep speaking some strange language throughout the movie.

And Madam’s injured foot, as the guy tends to her foot, bandages it very tenderly, and she moans while she sleeps, moving around, that tantalizing glimpse of what is between Madam’s legs (not shown) SO attracting the guy, the way her boobs are shown in one shot … her PURPLE nailpolish, her lying down with the guy trying to touch her bare legs in “wonderment” (he hasn’t seen a girl in like ages obviously) … all of it, I dont know, although I’m sort of down with the weather today *under it, hehe* … I felt my loins stir!

They cook her stuff from the jungle, they protect her, they keep tending to her foot.

I can just feel the young guy wanting to press her legs as Madam sleeps at night!

And so he should, hehe.

Anyway …

Femdom lovers find an excuse to find femdom everywhere, so it should be.

And thats what I’m writing to you about!

Back soon – oh, to attract femdom to you like moths on a flame – pick up “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland NOW (yes, this works for ladies everywhere, my lovely fingers BE weary of repeating myself) – and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to you like moths to a FLAME!” (YES, the two books should and deserve to be gotten TOGETHER!).

Much like Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central need to be. Hehe.

I gotta admit, for once, cock wasn’t on my mind during the movie.


And that that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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