What Pooja Memsahib … JI! knew about Indian wrestler’s …

Well, she knew not just their penchant for staying celibate, for one!

The big burly Indian men she brought home – one of her favorites was a huge believer in celibacy – but my – when the two made love, the way he’d pound her, the way that lovely Indian cock would spurt his CUM – MY!

It STILL Makes my head spin thinking about the first time I licked an Indian man’s balls, the scent, maybe something to do with the diet, as I begged to put my tongue in his asshole, it just SMELT and tasted so different, yet not!

Indian cocks, dark, but not dark, black, but not!

Anyway – all that working out, celibacy – I can truly taste his sperm.

Master Samit in Serving an Indian Goddess was another stud in that regard!

Those beautiful velvety smooth COCKS!

But this isn’t about cocks and asses so much as – and you know this would happen if were talking Pooja Maam – asses, assholes, most importantly, what comes OUT OF THEM!

In Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume Two, you’ll notice the shrine to her contains some very important items – and I had to stare at them every morning – and you’ll know what those are when you read the book – or you could guess NOW.

You’ll also learn, well, that I looked at those lovely items when they were “emerging” as it wear from her holy shrine, her rosebud!

Smelly, stinky. usually very well formed they would be – Pooja Ma’am with all the activity she did growing up – those strong SLAPS – she might as well have become a female wrestler – and I’d still worship and massage her with oil all day!

But sometimes, after eating Western food, bread specificially – she’d have .. well, unlike Ms Priyanka (Indian Goddess series) – not trouble “going”. But, she’d have a tummy upset – and those perfect stools would be loose!

Its was gross, disgusting, I am NOT into scat. Really!

But she made me stare at her poo and figure out how her tummy way – enough said on that one, as I watched, several times, the kidney beans I’d so cook for her favorite “rajama chawal” (rice with kidney beans in a thick gravy Ma’am would SLURP greedily, so she should! So much for women not being able to fart, slurp etc – men do it all the time, why not ladies!) …. would come out undigested!

I’d kiss her ass reverently when she was done, right after wiping it, the smell of her shit on her ass crack…

Mentally, I’d thank her asshole, as she’d laugh, feel it, and stride out of the bathroom after spitting her toothpaste in my eye – she’d brush while .. well, I wiped her ass as she bent over the basin.

Once, she even stepped on my balls – OUCH!

Anyway – so much to say about her. I’ll save it for Volume Three, but for now, what connection does this have with Indian wrestlers you ask?

Well, they do a lot of exercises that really tone the digestion – improve it, and part of their morning routine is to defecate together in the open fields outside the mud pits where they practice and wrestle.

My, those wrestlers, big, strong looking at them in loin cloths, my thoughts are always with how big their COCKS are!

And how horny they must be , those smooth Indian bodies! ?

And the hot cum …

Anyway, part of that routine – that part has NO fetish involved, trust me, NO homosexuality or anything, its got nothing to do with that.

They just, and this is FACT – look at their stools to judge how well their digestion is functioning.

Perfectly well formed it should be, this holds true scientifically too, friend.

And they knew so many things modern day doctors dont TODAY.

So did Pooja Memsahib.

So DOES I should say … Pooja Memsahib … JI

If you haven’t gotten the books as yet on her, do so NOW.

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Mike Watson

PS – The way men CUM after a long period of celibacy, so NICE! Such a pleasure, especially if they can HOLD their loads to have their cock, proud HEAD next to me, SPURTING hot LOADS!


More in Penis Central, my ode to penises and the real men that USE THEM. Muah!

PS #2 – Also, pick up Sissy Central HERE.

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