As we wait on the Pooja Memsahib … JI! review!

Man, my head has been SPINNING THIS MORNING!!

Since I saw Goddess Nicole’ perfect Madam JI FEET – with each step, she draws me FURTHER INTO HER VORTEX!



Truly, you KNOW!


Wasn’t just her either.

A girl Tracy I know – – I dont know if I Wrote about her, but I’ve been messaging her about Gong li, and the texts are hot enough to make the dumbphone shatter. Surprised it hasn’t already!

Gong Li – another perfect GODDESS!

They all are!

But what do I know, the ONLY image that has been coming to mind is one this morning – well, it is coming the most.

Pooja Memsahib … JI!

As Tracy just told me …

“hahahaha Thank you!” 

(I was referring to the cute little red spots on her cheeks us sisies so like, and I was referring to “someone” painting her face “white” if you get my drift, and yours truly … well, yours truly, you can guess!) …

“it seems one picture means a thousand words hehehi” 

That was in response to this comment I made about my quivering loins – they’ve been quivering ever since I saw that BIG BLACK COCK (he’s such a STUD!) this morning!

(and he posted something just for foot fetishists!)

But anyway,

“Madam, you make all my legs quiver – third leg most of all!!!)

I think what I said was this –

“Makes my legs, all three, shake” ...

Dont know if y’all remember the butterful Song?

“Come Come my Lady, Come my pretty baby, …. “

His legs shook, mine are too! Since this morning!


And right now, I’d give anything to press Pooja Memsahib JI’s feet – her soles – in the most BLASE AND DEBASE MANNER POSSIBLE!

Paye Lagu, Madam! I cannot look away!



Get this book NOW, friend. You’ll love it – and I’ll share the review from Mauricio soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Just noticed a nut named “schofield something” has signe dup for the list. Ugh, I think he’s the “Bozo Schofield” my stud friend writes about. What a loser, now he’s here!

Look, fella. We dont want LOSERS HERE.

Either it’s true femdom lovers, or not at all.

He’s been permanently blocked on here now (for all practical purposes. If ya’ll hear from theBozo, tell me, he doesnt deserve to anywhere near these perfect Queens!)

But my friend, he’ll have a LOT of fun with him. Hehe.

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