“You better make more money first, or I marry someone else already!”

Dear Reader,

A few years ago there was a “blind dating” show on T.V in mainland China – and one of the female participants on this show “Ma Nuo” was asked for her views on the ideal mate.

And she uttered the “by now famous” words – – those being “I’d rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than smile on a bicycle!”

These words caused quite an uproar at the time in mainland China, of course – and the woman became “famous” for it as well – but for someone like yous truly whose been in China for a long, long time (post 1980 and post the liberalization of the economy) – ’twas but normal for her to say that in my opinion.


Well, maybe from a certain perspective – and NOT from another.

While love cannot be bought – – is there really such a thing as true love in this world? More to the point, in today’s increasingly materialistic, “fake” (at times!) and demanding world, can a relationship truly be successful without money?

I have often cited this example in many of my femdom writings – and ALL the women in my writings – – right from the lovely Ms. Priyanka – to the imperious Garima Madam – to Madam Carrie – the lovely Krystal – and most recently Empress Cody share two things in common.

One being to bring the male of the species to heel in NO uncertain manner, of course.

And the other being – their love for money, and the things it can buy them!

So, I was talking to Madam Anya again last night, and we broached the topic of marriage – and of couse, paying for her shopping – and taking care of her credit card bills – she’s nothing if even more brutally upfront in this regard than the other Chinese girls I’ve encountered, and I love it!

“You’re a true Princess, Madam Anya”, I remember saying. “You want a rich man to pay your bills, and serve you … and” …

I followed this with a “giggle” emoticon on Wechat, and she responded.

“Do you want to marry me?”

That one took me for a loop, I must admit! I’ve never met her – and don’t really know her beyond the chats we’ve had – but then again, I’ve been nothing but QUICK in the past when I’ve met women – Madam Pearl being but one of the examples – – and whose to blame her for “jumping the gun” and being even quicker!?

After all, as I mentioned in my initial post about her, I KNEW why she added me from the minute she did – all about VIBES, and two minds perfectly in sync in terms of what they want.

But I’m not rich as yet, and I told her that.

“Maybe we should get to know each other a bit more”, I added. “And I’m sure we will slowly!”

And Madam responded to this in a very brusque manner.

You better make more money first! Or I marry someone else already!

Chinglish aside, her import is very clear – and hey – whose to say it’s right or wrong?

At least she’s honest about it like most of the other ladies I’ve met in this part of the world are. If you’re a man – MONEY is of paramount importance, and it’s of course not just about the money.

As Madam so rightly put it, “I don’t like money. I need it. I love buying all pretty things!”

Followed up by this, of course.

“Do you want to buy me something pretty?”

She’s nothing if not insistent – nothing if not gorgeous (despite her claim of being overweight) – and nothing if not HONEST to a T – but most of all, it’s her mind that I love – along with her honesty.

And whose to blame her for choosing a man based upon money anyway?

After all, men have their own criteria for choosing women. How many men can honestly say the ONLY thing they saw in their female (to be) mate was her mind – as opposed to her looks – or body?

Very few, I’d say!

As Anya told me, “most men only interested in my body!”

And she’s right.

As for me, I get a raging boner every time I talk to her – despite NOT having seen more than one dated picture of her. It’s the mind that does it – – and the vibes too, of course!

So if you’re looking for the perfect lady to dominate you – you better make sure you’ve got money – or other means to keep her in luxury as she so deserves, or else chances are excellent and second to NONE it’ll be a “flop show” for the most part.

She’s a Goddess. She deserves to put her feet up and relax – and enjoy the best a man – or several men can give her – with no obligations to do anything other than that – and that is the sexiest part of it all!

And on that sage note, I’ll close for today. Back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – For those interested in findom, the story of how it progressed with the lovely Madam Pearl might be an interesting read – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/

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