Madam Pearl … in Empress Paula’s voice!

In a different “tongue” at that – no pun intended WHATSOEVER. Hehe.

“Plug you in the ASS, BOY!” 

Madam Pearl – what sweet memories I have of her! Her feet were ALWAYS by my side – those giant BROAD soles from a woman not that tall .. not in that good of shape, maybe not the most beautiful – yet, YES, she was another EMBODIMENT of the FACT that femdom is about the MENTAL, not the “physical” or external!!

Vibes, and those hooked me from the minute go.

I still remember her, in addition to all else I’ve written about her ordering me imperiously on her way back from work.

“Servant, I’m coming home! Have the lobster ready!”

Or, as I’d do the dishes Madam would giggle and chat with men that sent her dick pics.

One of them – I still remember her telling me.

“darling, he sent me a dick picture, I block him!”

But she took a good look at the DICK first, and later, while “plugging me in the ass” (there is a reason that is a THEME for the book), I’d ask her, SHIVERING WITH LUST with each SISSYGASM that SHOOK MY BODY WITH WAVES OF UTTER LUST AND DESIRE! MY! – about the COCK. 

“Ma’am, would you want him in bed with you” I’d gasp out like a little bitch, while madam took me. Hehe.

Between shivers of ECTASY, I heard her giggle, she wouldn’t ask directly, I’d ask three times, then …


Oh, Madam, let me PAY for your date!

Those adventures will likely be detailed in Submissive Musings – Vol 4 – whenever that “Comes out” – no pun – so busy, so much to DO – no pun! Haha.

But those soles, that red dress I bought her, the way she sent me a bill which was FIVE times the amount the next time she wanted me to buy something – much like Nandini Ma’am (who claims she’s 20, but she’s more – hehe) did (she sent me a bill for INR 450 first, then the next thing – a dress for 1000 or so!) … these women are nothing but SMART< so lovely, judging a “man” so accurately – WALLET WISE !HEHE.

Such a RUSH, such an utter rush it is, my friend, and I remember the hours I spent massaging Pearl’s feet, soles, listening to talk about the men she wallet raped, massaging her WAIST (she was overweight, so it hurt) (and wouldn’t exercise) – and cooking, cleaning for her – and talking to her in the middle of her date with a particularly “so she said” handsome Chinese guy that took her to bed too!


What a rush – it’s no wonder Cuckold Compilations is selling like HOTCAKES as I write this!

Both the audiobook version and the version above …

But for now, in terms of audiobooks?

Femdom and vibes know NO barriers, no language!

They speak an eternal language, BOY – feet, soles, and COCK, and domination!

And the latest addition to our “here” website ??

Is the audiobook version of “Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume One”  brought to you by EMPRESS PAULA!

You’ll want to dive in and get the book, and the AUDIOBOOK too!

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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