Continuing the narration even though Madam “hates feet”!

And she’s a champ for sure! Haha.

In came a very interesting question from Signe, the narrator for “Profound Poses – Volume One!” …

I want to ask something from a professional standpoint. But I will go back a little further… I have an interest in the psychological side of fetishes in general, I just love to learn about them maybe it’s a fetish for fetishes…. I also have a huge interest in body language so that is why I chose this book.

I also understand THAT feet are a huge and very common fetish for a lot of people.

Personally I have a straight up phobia of feet, i get queasy if they are even close to me. (Hand fetish, here) but for the sake of the narration, What is it exactly about feet that is appealing to people? the look, the symbolism or something else i’m missing. I mean, I can understand being on the receiving end of this, but as i’m reading this part and seeing her feet, what is it exactly that “I” like?

Portfolio or not, I will continue with this regardless of the pencil pushers and their red tape because I wanted to see if I could do it even though I hate feet. It’s a personal growth thing at this point. And we are grateful for the practice/experience. Thank you and I hope you get all of this resolved 🙂

Well, thats a interesting question Ma’am!

Yours truly –

Hi Signe,

Thanks – thats an interesting question! The “feet” in terms of fetish is mostly a submissive thing – feet are the lowest part of the
body (soles, which really turn submissives on) – and so “rub my feet” – or “wash my feet!” (and all other associated activities of that
nature, combined with a domineering slant) is really what turns submissives on. Some subs like toes more than soles, most are more
“sole oriented” but by and large it’s usually a submissive thing, and a lot of guys into feet and soles are usually into submission –
and, ultimately, as the fetishes progress – cuckolding as well. Haha.

So when you’re seeing her soles, you feel this submissive RUSH that makes you want to drop down to your knees, and worship her –
like you were a slave, and she your QUEEN! The words “RUB my feet, boy!” ring out in your mind even without her saying it – that vibe
is what counts! Haha.

“Literally worshipping the dirtiest part of her body, and thereforth” – let me know if that answers it!

I admire your professionalism in doing an nigh professional job even though you might not enjoy “some parts” of what is being spoken
about – that shows an open mind, and a willingness to evolve/learn – which is always key! Hey, not every submissive “liked” feet from the
get go – some things grow on us though! Haha … maybe some of these poses in this book, and Volume Two if you narrate it, especially the
HAND poses – will too! (think snapping your fingers, that would be sort of derogotary for the other person right – same thing with foot

We’ll see if we can get the KDP issue resolved – if not, no worries – its always onwards and upwards – no pun intended – around these parts,
and thank you your kind words – that is exactly what I thought you would say!! 🙂 🙂

Mike Watson

And that, my friend is that.

Be sure to pick up Profound Poses NOW – these poses are a must have in your BDSM or even “regular” sex life – and will truly open up your MINDS and lives like never before.


Mike Watson

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