Why we are truly the AMAZON of the fetish world, sexual escapades, and all related!

This thought just struck me. I was going to post it on Twitter – maybe I will soon!

But, its something I Was thinking about of doing for the Miss V owned fitness site, a site where the products are SO Extensive…

Truly something for everyone, but compared to the PLETHORA of products here, even that pales.

(not really – that site is for a very niche consumer base as is this ie. if you’ve bought from us – you’re not just a thinker, but you’re a DOER – a rare breed!).

You understand (if you’ve bought from us) that being a typical Tom Tom or Bozo Schofield or both isn’t the way to go about life – if youw ant something in life, you have to go GET IT – you understand too, that lif e- and time – waits for nobody!

Amazon understands all this very well too, my friend.

And one of the things about success I keep telling me, in a “quote like” manner.

“Try and become the Amazon of your niche”. 

I dont care what that is.

Fitness, life skills, communication, physical products – whatever it is?

Be the one that gives to them the first – the MOST – and things they cannot find ANYWHERE ELSE!

Be the one that gives it to them for the BEST PRICE.

Note I said best, not cheapest…

I dont cater to price shoppers, that much is true.

But other than that and no physical products YET (believe me, dildos etc are on the way shortly) – we ARE indeed the Amazon of the fetish world.

There is truly something for everyone …

What, you say.


It’s TRUE.

Lets see, off the top of my head. 

Sissies, cock worshippers, faggots, if you’re “gay” – or “bi” – …. (I haven’t written a lot on lesbian stuff, but that may change soon).

If you’re into “humiliation” …

Or, ruined orgasms – or sissygams, or purely BEING a sissy .

Or, none of the above in terms of doing, but you want to READ about it!

The best and most sizzling erotic femdom/fetish erotica EVER ..

Little cocks, stud cocks…

I’m thinking as I write this.

Even trannies, and “in betweens!”

The ONLY niche we plan on not serving is “pain” and bodily mutilation etc – and other more extreme and possibly illegal stuff.

Not so much because that sort of thing is not SSC – it can be.

But, beyond a point … nah. Ballbusting is as far as we’ll go, nipple torture, but actual “mutilation”? No way!

Hey, to each his own, but that stuff won’t be here.

For obvious reasons, I’d think.

(and really, when the balls are what produce the desire for all this, why want them gone anyway… if you do, great, but I dont get why anyone would want that, but whatever, as Madam Lucy once said!)

Anyway …

Truly the Amazon of the fetish world we here – sans the physical products (for now) and the couple of niches mentioned above.

Otherwise, nothing and nowhere better than us now.

And if I had to suggest something to buy right now to YOU?

Our world famous Chinese femdom tales – and Indian femdom tales – and our flagship book on attracting femdom in all its guises , shape sand forms to YOU.

After that, you can and should progress onto more.

And last, but not least, if you’re just on the list for freebies, and NEVER Have any intention of buying or haven’t in the past, kindly unsubscribe NOW.

Thank you!


Mike Watson

PS – Small cocks will be outed, yes, and sissies and fags too, but not for free. If you wanna dance, gotta pay the FEE (band) – hehe.

Dancy, sissy, dancy!


Just like the dancing monkey Bozo Schofields in China in ESL thinking they’re God’s gift to mankind do, hehe. But enough on that guy, what bottom of the barrel scum he is, pestering women and innocent kids tooo!Ugh.

Edit – – Sexual escapades, you ASK?!


The list goes ON!

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