The almighty struggle NOT to cum in pant!

Its becoming tougher by the day. Maybe it’s the long time I haven’t cum, but there’s more to it – it’s Madam Megan, perfect Madam MEGAN!

She is so perfect, so NICE!

Over the past few days she’s taken Sissy Central to a new level – without even READING the book.

The “about us” page on this site is proof – as is the sales page for the book above, but it’s just more proof of WHY the book is so popular, one of our true bestsellers!

From Madam Wendy instinctively taking me to a gay bar, to now this …


I cannot describe the feeling!

And when I Told her about Master Wang’s lovely dick, how it’s so NICE, how it’s so HOOOKED me … well, here is what she said.

“You should flirt with him!”

At that point, as I posted on Twitter and NOW – I felt a powerful urge to just BLAST – SPLASH sissy style – in my pants.



All this with a girl I barely knew days ago, and she’s turned me into the true cock sucker of my dreams.

Not that I wasn’t already, but the way she makes me look pretty – so NICE!

I sent her a couple of pictures of girls from the OScar ceremony – remember, “red”?

Nothing doing.

“Not as pretty as you!”

I sent her other pictures of other girls.

“No! Not so pretty!”

And right now, she’s making me suck a banana. Hehe. And giggling away.

Thats the best part, when she LAUGHS at me!

It is truly a struggle not to cum in pant, with all these sexy dicks, and the way she tells me to flirt with men, dresses me up as a street hooker and so forth!

And I’m sure I’ll write more on this later.


For now, back to Madam! I SO Want to kiss her feet right NOW …


Mike Watson

PS – Why do women keep taking me to gay bars?

Well, vibe!

They KNOW I’m a groveling sissy from day one.

And they FEEL the love for DICK, and the love, more than anything else, to please MADAM.

And so it should be!

“I’m getting old!” Princess Sophia recently told me. 


“Madam, I love older girls, thank you so much for being old!”

And then I did what she asked, ie. correct her English etc (this lovely divine Queen is preparing to take IELTS or something).

Nothing like free service for Ma’am – I so love it!

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