Ma’am, you’re really so nice for saying – or asking me that!

I keep talking about how ladies that call me faggot – or a homosexual, or even submissive (like Madam Virginia ; a lovely OLDER lady did so famously from the get go) make me shake, shiver, QUIVER with always unfulfiled lust which ends up with me sissy cumming in PANT!

Underwear, I might say. Hehe. Proof? On Twitter, in the pudding as well!

And I’ve spoken GALORE about Princess Sherry, have I not?

The lady who looted me SO well, the lady who took money from me in a NON fetish sense – then ran away, never returned it – a lady that made me actually angry – as readers of Submissive Musings – Volume Two will know, business is business, but really, end of the day, it made me hornier!

If she was here now, I’d kiss her feet. 

Over and over again. 

And I’d thank her for looting me, I’d beg for her to loot me more

Proof, in the links above.

And in “11 missed femdom opportunities”, I should have put Sherrys case along with perfect Madam Ashley’s!

Truly a missed femdom or findom opportunity that, Madam wanted more money, I should have just forked it over and shut up!

Lesson learnt, hehe, although that one was complicated.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find her!

And I recently added a lady “Sherry” who I thought was her, but she didnt show much interest.

Which is fine, but yesterday I grinned at her out of the blue, today, she messaged me back!

OF course, it was about money.

“Sir, would you like to attend an exhibition”. 

Ma’am, you are so smart, so NICE – as I told her!

And then, of course.

“Sir?” “Am I sir”, I tittered. 

Anytime a woman calls me Sir, I have to giggle!

her reply?

“Are you Madam!” 

Oh my!

“Madam, not as yet”, I giggled back. “I’m a guy as far as I know… for now!” 

And then I Asked her if Id make a lovely beautiful pretty MADAM!

Megan knows I do. Hehe. I’ll have to tell her about Sherry!


Was her response?

And it was all I could do not to cum right there and then, without even a SIMPLE nipple flick, oh MY!

Ma’am, you “felt” it, I know!

OF course, the “logical reason” was something hilarious.

Once upon a time, I called a A/C repair guy to my apartment in China, being I couldn’t speak Chinese, the rental agent communicated, then sent me this message.

“I send gay to your apartment to fix NOW!” 

The Chinese keep getting confused between gay and guy. Hehe.

Apparently Madam Sherry did too!

But the REAL reason was something else, she felt it, except she doenst KNOW!

I wish I could introduce her to Wendy. I even asked.

“Ma’am, can we go to a gay bar together in Canton”, I giggled coyly.

“Why”, she asked me.

Because you called me homosexual, I replied.


Maybe that will be in a future book.

Madam, you’re so nice, I hope you’re sleeping well and getting your feet pressed as you deserve.

I KNOW you can feel what I’m thinking or writing NOW!

Thank you SO MUCH, I LOVE it!


Mike Watson

PS – Labels are worthless, I told her that, I’ve told YOU that and why in Cuck CEntral repeatedly. If you haven’t yet got the course, do so NOW.

Along with that, our most popular course – Faggot – uh, I mean SISSY Central! 

And, of course, the lovely DONG compilation!

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PS #2 – We have the outed page for Sissies, faggots, Bozos and the like.

However, a (and this will be COMPLETELY FREE!) service for you FINDOMINAS and lovely dominant women in general (though I might put the right MALEDOM there as well) – NEW page will be up soon.

That page will be a “spread the word” section, and “free” promotion for REAL findominas and maledoms etc, not “fly by night or the seat of their pants” operators.

But if you’re genuine, you’ll be accepted. COntact me for more on that!

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