How Garima Madam not only cuckolded me – but interviewed me, or was it the other way around?

I’ll always remember the fleeting glance Garima Madam Ji gave me that day in 2009 when I was picking the wife up from work (they worked together. Hehe) – that SLY look, looking without “showing she was but showing it” – that VIBE – she KNEW! – my, “what can I get from him” vibe that traveled a thousand miles, sparked more than … well, 10,000 words I’m sure – hehe – and more!

What a Queen and Goddess, I’m sure she still is!

I’ve written galore about how she cuckolded me, of course.

But in Garima Madam’s bitch, you’ll read about how “I” interviewed her, the boss interviewing a small town girl – yet, much like Bhagwati Devi, despite the difference in social “classes” etc – MY! The impact she had on, again, goes to show – never about her age , looks, status, money, anything – all about her, and that ONE look in the eye, that ONE knowing glance, that VIBE – MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today, as I see a lady on Twitter relaxing (and she’s intelligently removed the ability to comment from a sexy pic – what a smart Madam! Hehe) They all are! – she posted this while showing her FEET off (in heels and her relaxing) …

She posted something about interviewers sometimes turning their cameras off while interviewing online, but expecting the interviewee to keep theirs on!


Now I haven’t worked a job since forever, if ever, so I dont know – I wouldnt know, but it brought to mind one thing.

Madam, you could put your feet up and relax while doing the interview, your SOLES pointing at the interviewer!

Garima did not do that during our first interview in the office in Gurgaon.

But – hot damn – Man, or Madam – that lady had some VIBES!

And the way she hooked me and booked me thereafter, well, she might not even HAVE Feet to put up. Hehe. Actually I was glancing at them all throughout the interview, she all but put them on my face, she knew, that stride, that … POSE – what a MADAM JI!

(I dont even think I was the one conducting the interview if you get my drift!! Haha)



You’ll want to pick up that book, and the prequel to it NOW – Garima Madam will hit you – literally – like NOTHING ELSE YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE, like ton of bricks to your BALLS, almost ! (Prakash knows this, if she can do that to a GM of a factory, think about what she will do to YOU!)

Anyway – for some reason I want an Indian female voice to narrate all my Indian femdom books, strangely enough I dont want the same for the Chinese femdom books … where a certain carla doing “Serving Ann” has even told me she “wished” she could put more of a Chinese English accent which is cute and sexy as hell, btw!

That lady’s voice and many others narrating makes me CUM IN PANT – literally! And if it has that impact on me, think about what impact it will have on you!

Conversely, the dude who narrated “25 odes to alpha males in UNDERWEAR!” … well, his voice will make you CUM Too – it hits you like a ton of bricks, the LUST in his voice, the interest – MY! He is REALLY into the narration and the subject and you guys will LOVE the audiobook, so pick it up NOW – a must grab if just for that voice!

And that’s that, my friend.

Back soon, so much going on!



PS -I can’t stop thinking about Bhagwati’s assets, my, not just her name which means Goddess in Hindi, she truly is one, that waist, those hips – slender yet strong arms. MY! Truly the Sunny Leone of cleaning if I might say so, just like another lady I’ve been communicating with who calls herself the Kitchen Queen.

They all are – Queens! Hehe.

ANd I’m so lucky …

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