That ONE red toe…

I still remember asking Madam Ann, why she only painted ONE Of her toes red – the big toe!

She giggled, and wouldn’t answer directly, but as this book is being narrated by a lady whose voice DRIPS DOMINANCE, an older woman I want to practically BEG TO NARRATE 15 Odes to older ladies that so DESERVE it – – well, I thought – especially given Bhagwati Ma’am often does the same (man, I would write a 100 odes to her!) – I gotta write about it!

For reasons unknown to YOU if you’re not a TRUE femdom lover – if you are, you’ll know what I mean, this does not have the same impact as one FINGER on each hand painted, I dont know why – or I DO!

on feet, it emphasizes the BIG TOES MORE, the DOMINATION! Thick, big , like a COCK almost!

And on fingers?

Well, all the fingers emphasize domination, the feet, it’s mostly SOLES that do, and the big toe, so thats why!

And thats that for this one.

When that foot is put out so regally, royally and commandingly, arrogantly, as Madam Bhagwati does, it’s another one of those profound poses I’mma write about in Profound Poses – Volume Two.

For now, pick up Volume One … 

And I’ll be back



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