Ma’am, can I share his balls with you!

Balls are so nice my friend.

And so are the lovely dicks they’re attached to!

Of course, both can be squished, mangled, jumped upon, mocked ….or … the reverse, of course!

I’ve had plenty of experience on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve loved it all, Ma’am!

And the other day, or yesterday actually I saw a picture of a Spanish cock – I think, Not sure. Maybe Portugese!

But it was so THICK, so NICE, and best of all, curved – upwards!

Cocks that curve upwards, such as mine (well, mine points up, but the snout points down) – as my ex once told me, the same girl who spoke of “Honey, why do all slim guys have such long dicks!” – “Honey, your cock is perfectly shaped, hits the spot so well!

And it does – on the rare occasions it’s used. Hehe. I prefer never to use it, Ma’am!

And Ma’am does too.

“Honey! Your dick isn’t easy to give a HJ too, I gotta go upwards, not just down!”

Admittedly Madam was more into the porn style BJ’s and HJ’s, which I wrote about in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots is NOT the way to go.

Doing it right feels so much better for the giver – and the receiever!

And, as the lady who was sucking that lovely meat I saw yesterday said –

It’s feel so nice in my throa!

Yes Ma’am, it does, you’re right, its shaped so nicely!

And then …

“Ma’am, may I share his balls with you!”

Now, he was on his back, she was sucking it – so lovingly, like a LOGENZE, almost!

And the cock was thick and curved, the balls visible, it was possibly hitting the gag spot on her throat. Ma’am, thank you, you’re so NICE for sucking on that dick that way!

Sharing a cock like that with her, of course is cuck paradise!

And I wrote about it a lot in the Sophia Bai series – where I met the inimitable, indomitable, lovely Madam Su who deserves books to herself!

And those will come out shortly too – but Joyce, the Ultimate Queen is definitely the next one out.

For now, the only other dick I can remember that was curved upwards like that?

That black dude I’ve often written about – young, slim, nothing great to look at, but randy – sexy slim stomach, and she’s doing cowgirl, she jumps off after he can’t “take it no mo” – and he starts pounding cuck mouth with that lovely dick, the head glistening, the cock proud and standing up with no attention whatsoever, and the balls furiously, ferociously pounding away at cuck chin!

Balls, are so nice!

Can either be worshipped – or the reverse!

Anyway …

That one ended with a massive load, I’m sure the Portugese cock did too.

But Ma’am didnt show it.

No good!


I’d love to taste it, see it, feel it …

And for you cuckolds and cock lovers reading this, pick up Cuckold Compilation and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots right now, you’ll love ’em!

After that, you can venture on to some of our other stuff , which is all hot, sexy, and great.

Show some love, friend – and the books “in the offing” will “come out” that much sooner!


Mike Watson

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