“Loser cum in pant!”

&, Madam, you were (are) so right!

I’v ebeen dong (it came out that way first, and it was right! doing) a lot of that as late, Madam!

I cannot remember who said that first, but it was her – the lovely lady on Twitter, and I sure wish I could remember her name, or I’d mention here here. English wasn’t her first language, but boy (pun intended) she said it sooooooooooo well!

Anyway …. yes.

I’ve mentioned before how I keep sissygasming in my pants – or panties – or both, hehe looking at the lovely “Mecca and Medina” of sissydom – lovely thick, gleaming … big black cock!

Cocks are sexy over all.

As a lady recently told me.

“I dont have a boyfriend, so I can suck all the cocks I want!”

(in response to my”only stud cocks should be sucked!”)

We were both right. Hehe.

Cocks are sexy in general.

But big black cocks, there’s just something about them, the skin, the cum (thicker!) – the pubes (so manly, so dense, so coarse, so thick) – the low hanging balls … and the general (in general) bigger dicks that are just such paradise for sissies like us!

And looking at them over the last few days …

I posted a picture of myself on Twitter – well, my panties and cum – cumming involuntarily – all it took was a nipple flick, NO Cock touches, no sissy gasms from the back side – to cum copious creamy loads in my blue panties – upon looking at big black cock! 

So licious!


And last night, I came again. Photo not on Twitter – as yet – but it will be soon!

It would be wrong to say I “came” – as thats associated with cumming – real man orgasms – real man style!

No “loads”.

In fact last night I couldn’t even feel the familiar hot wetness between my legs and around my balls as I sissy-cum-nipple gasmed. …. then I got it!

My underwear was tight.

As soon as I took off – ploop!

Blobs escaped from my caged cock, imprisoned by it’s underwear.

Polar opposite from the Black Master’s dong which was proudly in the MIDDLE Of the video he posted – short snippet where the cock took center stage – literally – it was so big, mammoth, THICK, pointed at the top, filling the whole screen, that one vein runing up it … oh my!

The girl was very visible too!

She’d suck it, take a break, giggle, suck it … she was enjoying it, and staring right into the camera. THAT LOOK IN … the eye!

Like the black Master’s look in the eye when taking th ecuck the other day – arrogant and domineering, SNEERING!

That does it!

The girl was giggly and humiliating if you get my drift!

And she was enjoying the cock!

But really like the meme was taunting sissies …

If you look at this (cock) instead of this (the sexy girl sucking it) – then you’re gay, boy!

I was looking at the cock mostly, though the girl sucking it was the “cherry on top!”

Anyway, I bust my cherry again, hehe.

And I guess – again, the reason I’m telling you? All it took was nipple play!

A flick of the nipples was ALL it took. 

I didnt need to put my finger in my ass! 

I just THOUGHT of my P spot, and it started to throb.

I’ve said before that P spot pleasure is the “tip” of the mountain (top, hehe) for any sissy in terms of pleasure. And real man too. It’s true!

That P spot can give men pleasure like NOTHING else can.

But in terms of sheer sissy and submissive conditioning – NOTHING – I repeat, nothing does it like nipple play like Chinese ladies – when she can control you by a FLICK of the nipples, it’s so easy for her to reduce YOU to a groveling wreck – and you to do it to yourself!

And condition yourself that way – with RUINED orgasms added in – and sissy-gasms for the physical part – and you have the full sissy package, all of which, of course is useless with the MENTAL side of it FIRST – Sissy Central (it’s covered in there!).

Some very very important tips indeed, which MOST guys miss.

Anyway, like in the book on sissy-gasms, the book on nipplegasms states it’s for everyone – studs as well.

Yes sir, I often fantasize about flicking your nipples and tonguing your ass – while sucking you … and of course, a finger up your ass to gently finger your P spot so your big black dick can shoot a massive load until the ceiling like never before!

Ropes of cum, and stud cocks in general deserve all the pleasure they get – and it’s a sissys job to provide it, boy!

Women can suck it too, of course.

But sissies – thats YOUR job!

Straight from Cock Worship from Sissies and Faggots

And no, it ain’t “gay” either.

I’ve grown sick of shouting from the rooftops about it myself!

I say it in Cuck Central, I say it in Sissy Central, I say it in all my books .

It’s not “gay”!

Labels are worthless, my friend. What matters is pleasure – ultimate bliss!

And sissies – if yours coming from serving her and him – then morph into that role, and be comfortable with it!

Studs – you too!

What matters is FUN – and it being SSC – nothing else – and pleasure, pure, carnal bliss like nothing else!

THAT is the essence of all this, and why I write all this, and all my books and courses etc – to keep “hammering” that in.

And back to gay (pun intended, and not above) ….

It’s not gay to stick a finger up his ass, but it is to flick his nipples?


I never quite could get that!

If you can, write back, and let me know

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – You owe it to yourself – ladies, gents, and in betweens – to pick up Nipplegasm Central now and learn the techniques that I’ve used, and have been used on me for SO long … truly BLISS like nothing you’ve ever felt before, and when you combine sissygams and ruined orgasms into the mix – oh my!

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