Pressing her feet after a hefty meal, she’s almost about to DUMP ..

Replace her with he, or he with her, or me, or Master with Mistress, or vice versa, as with all real servitude, I’ve often said, its about serving the PERSON, not so much the GENDER!

Worship is worship regardless!!

Like my friend once said, I’ll let him suck if he covers his face!

As I get done with Profound Poses – Volume Two, I’m exhausted after 5 straight hours of work and more at home, I’m about to do the compilation now, plus a few more courses.

But this often happens after lunch or so, a hefty meal, I’m lying down, ready to CRASH – exhausted – and I often want to be massaged, sucked, anything but feel pleasure while I do nothing but REST, RELAX, maybe even fart – all of while someone serves ME.

And thats precisely the feeling I bring into it when I serve the person!

I wrote about a profound pose where he or she or both are laying on the bed on their backs, feet spread, cocks up, pussy showing (dont worry, he wont enter it, he’s a cuck, hehe) – so completely relaxed, sated, or both, in some cases just the soles showing, both male and FEMALE, or one pair.

My how humiliating, what a turn on!

His balls, her and his ass crack, all of it, their bodily noises and such …

And I dont know – massaging her or him not just when tired, but after a huge orgasm, after a hefty meal, all those times when you’re nigh “dead” – all the more bliss for both!

And thats that. I’m back to some much needed rest and WATER before I continue!


Mike Watson

PS – For me, right now, I wish Madam Megan and Master Wang were here, the former taunting me in the profound pose on the cover of Volume Two, and the latter with his sexy slim body, long John and dong – the HEAD so nicely perfectly shaped, my, he’s so HORNY! RABBIT! PLUNGING INTO, each thrust making my innards ROLL, the food digesting as we speak and I do NOTHING but be FUCKED. MY!


More on this in Sissy Confessions. Volume Two on the way soon!

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