Why the shape of her soles MATTERS, boy!

I just saw a post – well, on Twitter or something from an Indian lady – a gorgeously confident one I must say.

Kangana Ranaut – an actress if I got it right (not sure if I did) – and a lady whom ever her team calls “Madam”.

Of course, in India which sis where she seems to be from, the word Madam doesnt have any negative or special connotations.

It’s positive if anything …

But Garima Madam taught me so well!

Madam … JI! BOY!

She reminded me of this so often that along with the “talk to my soles, BOY!” that Madam susan, imperious, royally commanding and PERFECT Madam Susan taught me, this is probably one dictum that has been SEARED into my brain for the ages.

Boy oh boy.

Really !

And what do I mean by this – well, easy.

The SHAPE of her foot matters, boy, but more importantly her lovely SOLES!

Sometimes they’re broad as with “Princess” Kangana … Ranaut … JI, if I may!

She’s just so commanding and lovely (the mind!!)

sometimes, they’re LONG soles. Perfect Madam 7, for one!

Women are all so PERFECT, come to think of it! 😉

And of course, Madam Susan.

Her lovely small, yet BROAD feet … and soles!

And the toes matching each other, almost!

The soles DO talk to you!

And the SOLES do talk differently!

Broad soles need more of an arch rub, and the calves need extra attention for Madam!

Narrow – the entire FOOT and the ball needs more attention, boy!

And so forth, and every true foot fetishist should be able to tell what I mean!

Every REAL femdom lover!

As an aside, Kangana has lovely soles! I saw a glimpse – several of them – years ago in a trailer for a Bollywood pot boiler (years ago when yours truly was shuttling betwen the US and China) but … damn!

The initial part of the movie seems to be dedicated to her feet and soles, and as she sits there on a “couch” of sorts, happily drunk (or not so, perhaps) … her FEET keep waving, so do the soles, and as the male lead sits on the floor ….

… as the camera pans to her SOLES as she’s sitting on the ledge overlookign a beach!

As she walks barefoot through Seoul, It was, I believe!

And so forth.

Madam – you’re a true Goddess – – movie or not – it shines through!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up some SIZZLING tales of femdom from the Indian subcontinent.

PS #2 – Be sure to pick up the Madam Carrie series while you’re at it (to learn more about the lovely imperious and OLDER LADY Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan … JI!)

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