What I feel when I see someone dominated in “real life” …

This is a bit of a touchy one – but then again, most of my thoughts on fetish and femdom are. So be it!

I’ve told you a lot of times about my own “beginnings” – and how my Nazi feminist mother (which is NOT , I repeat, NOT a good thing in real life) no doubt “unknowingly” or not contributed a lot to my current femdom leanings with all the hate she lovingly showered on me.


Trust Mike Watson though to not only argue with Google about why another Mike Watson is showing up as an author of a book he never wrote, hehe, but also – and always – look for – find – and MAKE positive out a very negative situation!

Indeed, thats what I did – and have done all my life.

And, you’ll understand what I mean by femdom in real life if you read my stories – if you read “16 Indian Femdom Recollections” – if you read anything I write, actually!

As Dani so rightly said, my writing is mostly all “real”.

It is!

Indeed reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, not the other way around.

Sophia Bai is REAL!

So is Princess Sophia!

So is the lovely and uber dominant older lady – Angie – and as of late, Virginia!

They’re all real!

And now, in “real life” …

I dont know, when I see someone dominated in real life – and when they can’t fight back?

I feel anger.

I feel … I dont know, that its UNFAIR!

Then I think of my own loved ones, and how lucky they are NOT to be in abusive situations like that.

Contrary to what people think abuse occurs to both men and women.

We dont talk a lot about the former – but it happens – big time!

But in real life, my friend, you would NEVER guess – but I’m the most alpha and “fair” of persons you’ll ever meet.

As are most of the other real BDSM enthusiasts online, or elsewhere.

That lady who says nothing pleases her more than kicking men to the balls and watching them CRUMPLE IN A HEAP?

(On  that note – Ball Busting 101 … grab it NOW if you have not already. Must grab!)

That lady in real life is probably one of the nicest people ever, and you’d NEVER guess what she was into if you met or walked by her!

She certainly wouldn’t go out of her way to tell you either!

Thats how it is, my friend.

Life is never X and Y – always shades of grey.

From football players that love wearing panties in bed to cucked males (in real life) secretly aspiring to be studs, “the grass is always greener on the other side! ”

And ALL my courses have been written from that angle.

On the SissyGasm central page, I make it very clear the book is for STUDS – and CUCKS as well!

Studs with long cocks, yes, it’s for you too!

But if you look at all my writing, and invert the characters – there it is.

In Cuck Central, one of the bestsellers around here … Just (if you’re a stud reading it) invert the roles and “expect” what I tell the cucks to do in the book to be done to YOU!

Or Humiliation Central, or any of it …

But in real life, yeah. I think some of the fairest ones of us are the ones that experienced the most abuse growing up, and to deal with it?

We’ve fetishisized it – IN A SAFE WAY!

And thats what counts.


And keeping it fun!

And not boring “plain ole staid”. Hehe.

I’m out – but for now, one last thing.

Remember, we offer kink counseling services for EXACTLY this sort of thing.

The guilt trips, the anger, the rage, the “ruined relationships” – I’ve been through all that and more . And therefore, if you’re looking for someone that has been in , and is currently in the trenches to counsel you – contact me HERE.

And we’ll see what we can “cook up” for YOU!

(no prices on the page – each situation is individual).

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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