Princess Sophia, and her dream man . . .

I’ve written about the inimitable and GORGEOUS Sophia Bai before, but the Goddess – Princess – Madam – whatever you choose to call her – was not Sophia Bai.

It was Princess Sophia, a leggy lass from Southern China (almost like Princess Joanie, but perhaps not QUITE as dominant in CERTAIN regards – then again, what do I know, hehe) with the famous “I have big feet! Strong Feet! Not elegant” comment the first day we “met”.

Those eyes. That allure, that hair curling around her shoulders, and that LOOK in the eye, only accentuated by those large glasses she wore in the picture . ..

Boy do I love that look, and that piercing stare, along with what she first asked me, and continues to ask me till this date came to mind . . . repeatedly, last night, as I tossed and turned with a gigantic hard on, unable to get much sleep, if at all!

“Whats the size of your bank balance, BOY!” . . . and as she asked me that that FIRST day, it was all about vives, and as she told me later, it was “rude to ask people that”.

So why do you ask me that, Madam, I asked.

“Because you let me, you idiot!” was her response!

“Do you often call other man idiots”, I asked giggling , knowing the answer.

“No. It’s rude! But you . . . “ and she trailed off with a satisfied grin to boot.

I said up there she wasn’t as dominant as Princess Joanie but I might as well be WRONG. Hehe. She’s married, and with two kids, so that might be the only reason why it hasn’t gone as far with her as it did with regal Joanie.

And unlike Joanie, I haven’t penned a book in her honor . . . as YET. Watch this space for more!

Anyway, one night what she said came to mind for me last night!

“So Let me try this, Mike!” she said triumphantly, past half a bottle of wine or so.

“Mike, go make me a snack!”

“Go and clean the kitchen floor, Mike!”

“Mike . . . go and throw the trash away, boy!”

And each of these statements was so sexy that I myself couldn’t sleep half of that night (though I was pretty toasted myself due to various reasons!) . . . especially the FIRST one.

“Make me a sandwich, boy!”

. . . And this role reverse is so utterly SEXY, my friend. If you’re into true femdom and cuckoldry that is!

She’d often send me picture of pop stars and talk about them.

“My dream man”, she’d croon. “I’d gladly sleep with him and suck his dick”, she told me that night . . .

“Unfortunately, it will never happen! Only in my dreams!”

. . .

“But with you, boy! You can never touch me! You’re my servant and nothing else! Do you understand this, boy!”

“You better!” she finished off.

And all of this is a TRUE TALE, my friend, in case you’re wondering.

And last night I was thinking about Sophia and how I could help her with her dream man.

Maybe like with Madam Pearl, dress her up and paint her nails to look beautiful for other men that would then ravage her as is their wont, and I’d get terribly sloppy seconds, if at all!

Or maybe just a ruined orgasm via my nipples, as Madam Sophia won’t even touch my nasty you know what!

Other hand, she’ll go to any length to worship her dream man, but HERE is the key.

The dream man gives her face. Perhaps sex once or twice, but face is what she is after, and of course, that all important . . . MONEY!


Money, boy, is what it’s all about – and has been with me as well, since that first day!

Remember the first thing she asked me, and continue to ask me? ?

I’ve got a feeling the “dream man” would be peppered with those questions too! Hehe . . .

As for the poor husband, well, the less said the better.

Anyway, Madam’s dream MEN involve him (the pop star) and a CUCK. A  true sissy and cuck that will do . . . well, what she told me to do that night, and in her own sexy style – and help her find the dream man.

As she said, it’s about having her cake and eating it too! ?

She didn’t quote say it in those words, but you get the picture, hehe.

Alright, my friend. That’s the tale from cuck land today. For more such tales, go here – and be sure to pick up Cuck Central right HERE.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Believe it or not, Princess Sophia offered to  – –  GASP! – – COOK for yours truly, but only, as she said, “only ONE TIME!” That never happened because we got into a bit of an argument over her husband (she promised not to tell him I was coming but did – cuck paradise again, eh ?) . . . but I still think it was only a bit of a “teaser” to get her dishes done for free . . . a.k.a the lovely Madam Suvi . . .

P.S #2 – More on that later. For now, make sure to pick up a book or two from our very extensive Chinese femdom compilations right HERE . . .

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