Madam Portia wants to see how yours truly looks in BLUE – LADIES – straight cut jeans!

It was interesting.

Just browsing through one of my wechat feeds, and bang, as if on target Isee Madam Portia.

Her of those perfect LEGS!

STRONG legs – from pole dancing. Hehe.

And those boots which will kick me someday SQUARE in the nuts.

I hope, at least!

Paye Lagu, Madam … but here is what she said.

“You should protect your cock from me!”

Should be balls, Goddess. Hehe.

And strong feeet? Princess Sophia? I seem to love that sort!

But anyway …

So she’s been selling stuff online.

And I noticed a pair of blue jeans, exactly like Iwear.

Exactly the same jeans I was wearing when my Wechat photo was taken.

Years ago.

STRAIGHT fit jeans.

Which look great for those in shape.

And women should be in shape, boy!

So should sissies. Hehe.

And while the jeans were ladies jeans, I Asked her anyway, in public.

“Madam. Ladies jeans on Mike?”

I didnt say Mike. But … Hehe.

“I want to see how you look in ladies jeans, BOY!”

Pat came the response, sans the “boy”.

And then I told her I knew she was going to say that, and asked her what else she wants me to look “purdy” in.

We will SEE what she says, but I have an idea, hehe.

I’ll share it later! Along with more updates, but for now, remember one thing.

Princess Krystal, the teaching assistant that never WAS that in the first place kept me in shape yes.

But she made me wear TIGHT bras and panties, just to squish the more. Hehe. Man tits and Balls…

And I loved it!

She loved it more, actually. Hehe.

And as for dressing like a sissy, well, it’s such a turn on. Madam Wendy knew this!

And Sissy Central includes many detauils on how she made me do … ah, but I haven’t written on that as yet.

So much to do, so little TIME.

And on that note. I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The book on Sophia is in the works. In the meantime, pick up our OTHER WORLD famous books on CHINESE femdom right HERE.

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