My stomach is not flat, but I will give you head until you cry because it feels so good

It is SO apt I’ve been having the thoughts I’ve been having over the past few days, so apt – that I’ve been thinking of Sophia so much – mostly teasing me, hehe – never giving me HEAD – but doing more than that for her boyfriend! – and many other things, that ruined orgasm the other day – MY – SO APT AGAIN!

And as I see someone called “Astro Girl” post the above on Twitter, I gotta say – girl, you have it spot on – one of those things that are so sage – true – and where giving truly feels as good as getting if not better!

That long cock in front of you – the head – its all mesmerizing, cock – and soles – are a sure shod way to forget ALL problems – and be motivated like NEVER before my friend – its just so erotic, so refreshing, and perhaps GIVING is even more so than receiving on this one!!

Even when yours truly is not thinking cock, all it takes is for Master Wang as an example to pull his out.

Thats all.

He just drops his pants, puts his hands on his waist, spreads the legs, looking at me, STARING AT ME like he so deserves it!


On that note – flab?

I’ve spoken tomes about worshipping the flab on her body – as it should be my friend!

And it’s about the MIND.

Carol, one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever been with – one that truly gave me head until I cried, and enjoyed it immensely was pretty – prettiest, perhaps, but she didnt exactly have a “toned” midsection, but it was so sexy, so womanly, the happier she got, the fatter she got!

Thats not an excuse to be out of shape or lazy or slovenly or unfit, but again, this pressure women are constantly subjected to in terms of “slim stomach” and all the other BS that guys are NOT subject to … (I remember a girl tweeting recently “we take a dump too” – and as I hear my wife fart loudly … well!) … NO FAIR!


Sucking cock is one of the true joys in life, my friend, and you should learn how to do it well.

Truly appreciate his dong like it’s MEANT TO BE.

These two courses teach you how to

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots

Penis Central

In that order, or just get the compilation if you so choose!

And thats that!


Mike WAtson

PS – Almost forgot, something else that will make you CRY – literally with pleasure – like a woman is being subjected to numerous SISSYGASMS DONE RIGHT!

OH MY, that finger on the SPOT, you’ll go NUTS WITH LUST, insane, PUN INTENDED!

Pleasure like you’ve never felt before, makes pleasure you get from blowjobs seem like .. well, mundane!

Combine the two, and my, you’re off to the races x 1000 and more!

Sissygasm Central – the ONE course of it’s kind teaches you how.

Get it NOW.

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