More on the “HMMM!” and that look in the eye!

I don’t know if I mentioned it in Sin City Diaries, Volume #1. Maybe so, but I am not sure!

And it was the same lady that later laughingly asked if I was gay (with another girl there!)

True story, and I was paying them … BOTH!

She knew.

They knew.

Feet and cock.

Feet and cock, boy!

FEET – – and COCK!

“Show him yours soles”, I Remember her giggling to her partner who still couldn’t quite believe the loser in bed infront of her.

(paying her to kiss her soles!) (while she got away with NO massage being admistered, hehe)

“This loser likes feet. We should exploit him”, she might as well have giggled , so potent was the vibe, and so EXPLOSIVE my sissy gasm …

“Ni Xi Huan Nan ren ma?”

do you like men, she giggled!

Well, she was more right than she knew!

But anyway, cock worship aside (if I could have done one thing differently then, I’d have asked her NOT to touch my dick and instead lube me up!) … I met her BEFORE that.

YES – I DID include this in Sin City Volume 1.

And when I met her before that, she gave me a HJ through my pants, and the amount I came – and beleive me, it didnt take a lot looking into her EYES, an those talented fingers flicking my nipples … I moaned loudly!



She shushed me. We were in a spa. No hanky panky allowed, hehe, but the “Madam” knew it went on anyway, but we had to be quiet.

I looked down.

My shorts were stained with cum!

LITERALLY! Seeping out everywhere.

And then she said it.

She looked down.


Said like a school Mistress looking down at her relactricant student … which I’ve had happen so often!

And I think I’ll end this here. That made it all worth it, and YOU … KNOW … why … BOY!

Or Ma’am, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Sin City compilation right HERE. More Volumes should be on the way soon!

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